Wonder Woman 1984 Review: Beautiful and Full of Surprises!

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 After being postponed several times for various reasons, this time Wonder Woman 1984 is officially released. The film sees the return of Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and her lover, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Besides the two of them, Wonder Woman 1984 also presents several new characters, such as Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). Interestingly, the two new characters are both villains in this film.

In this Wonder Woman sequel, director Patty Jenkis returns to direct the film. Jenkins isn't just directing as he's also working on the script, along with Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham. Film Wonder Woman in 1984 alone resume his first film, in which this time Diana on with their lives in Washington DC with calm. Once upon a time, Diana met Barbara Minerva, an awkward and shy figure, who became her co-worker at a museum.

Once, the two of them were assigned to investigate some historical artifacts. But it turns out that there is one artifact that can grant the wishes of those who come into contact with it. From there, various problems began to arise, for which Wonder Woman had to step in to save the world from destruction once again.

Less detail

In terms of story, Jenkins seems to be less able to provide important details about what really happened. The impression, Wonder Woman 1984 feels rushed, when in fact, the storyline is quite slow. But even so, the film is able to present an interesting dynamic between Diana and Steve Tervor, as happened in the first film. Also, the film is able to present exciting action scenes, especially when Diana is wearing her new armor.

The presence of new characters such as Maxwell Lord and Minerva also completes the story of Wonder Woman 1984 . The origins of the two characters are told, and they manage to highlight the other side of humanity. Diana is of course a very shining character in this film. If the first film tells more about Diana's origins, the second film actually tells when Diana has matured as a superhero, but is fragile on the inside. That's what Jenkins is trying to show, where physical strength is not everything for a superhero.

Gal Gadot: Outstanding!

Besides that, Gal Gadot's appearance in Wonder Woman 1984 is quite impressive. Gal Gadot has succeeded in presenting the figure of Diana who is much more mature than before. It is seen that Diana is tougher and stronger in her new costume. The emotional side of Diana is also highlighted in the film, and Gal Gadot is able to handle it all. For Kristen Wiig, unfortunately she doesn't appear too much, and her character, Cheetah, seems to be less important than the character of Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal.

Indeed, presenting two villains in one film is not an easy matter, but Cheetah seems to have been eliminated by Maxwell Lord, even though Cheetah also has an important role in the formation of the figure of Maxwell Lord. For Pedro Pascal himself, he is quite capable of playing a villain who is hungry for power and wealth. But in some parts of the film, Maxwell Lord's character appears inconsistent, and instead makes us sympathize with his character. Pine's presence as Trevor succeeded in bringing a lot of humor to the story.

The film Wonder Woman 1984 itself takes place in 1984, according to the film's title. Patty Jenkins managed to bring the feel of 1984 into the film. Classic cars, planes, and the feel of the 80s buildings successfully give a real impression that the film takes the same year. In addition, the costumes used by each character also help strengthen the 80s theme. When viewed, the film is similar to Stranger Things, which presents a thick 80s feel.

With the cold hands of Hans Zimmer, the music from the film Wonder Woman 1984 feels so flowing. The music feels right and doesn't seem overwhelming. Several times, Zimmer gives touches of classical music in his films that make the feel of the 80s very thick.

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