Black Panther Review, Wakanda Life Full of Cutting-Edge Technology


 Black Panther is Marvel's first superhero film to feature many black stars. The film, which Marvel Studios is working on with Disney, brings back Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. This film tells the story of the highly developed country of Wakanda and the conflicts that exist within it.

We made this Black Panther review for you Marvel fans who haven't watched this film. This article will be full of spoilers! For those of you who don't, please buy tickets and watch this film at the nearest cinema.

The reason you should watch Black Panther

As usual, we will provide the advantages and disadvantages of the film being reviewed. Here are some reasons why you should watch this film:

+ Storyline is not tied to other Marvel movies

This film only slightly takes the story of Captain America: Civil War when T'Challa's father, T'Chaka died as a result of a terrorist act at the United Nations. After that, Black Panther is full of stories about Wakanda and its people.

The film opens with the origins of Vibranium, the strongest metal in the world. 6 Tribes on the African continent then unite to protect the fallen Vibranium from the meteoric. It also shows how one gets the power of the Black Panhter, namely from the flower of the heart.

Andy Serkis initially looks like the main villain in the trailer, moreover the presence of Martin Freeman as a CIA agent makes it seem related to other Marvel films. But no, Andy Ulysses Klaue is just a minor villain and Michael B. Jordan, Killmonger is the main villain. And again, it's all about Wakanda.

+ Cool new Black Panther graphics and costumes

Marvel Studios has no doubt about the graphics. The visual effects and shooting are excellent. Black Panther comes in many colors, including his costume which has a purple motif. The Black Panther costume can also store kinetic energy and release that energy if the user wishes.

Unlike the original costumes in Civil War, which had to wear clothes and masks. This costume is kept behind a fang necklace developed by Shuri. Princess Wakanda also provides several weapons for herself and Nakia, played by Lupita Nyong'O.

+ Has a pretty good Climax

Telling entirely about Wakanda, T'Challa must face the fact that his father has killed his uncle who worked for Klaue. Moreover, his uncle turned out to have a child who had to live alone, Erik Killmonger N'Jadaka. A vengeful Killmonger becomes a murder agent and returns to Wakanda.

A power struggle ensued, T'Challa was challenged to give up his throne. T'Challa loses to Killmonger and is thrown into a waterfall. N'Jadaka who became the new king ordered his people to distribute weapons made of Vibranium throughout the world. But unfortunately, it turns out that T'Challa is not dead, he is saved by M'Baku. T'Challa returns and there is a big fight between the tribes supporting Killmonger and the soldiers loyal to T'Challa.

+ Wakanda's Wealth and Technology

T'Challa's wealth is greater than that of Iron-Man and Bruce Wayne. At the end of the film, T'Challa is seen taking his younger brother to where his uncle was murdered by their father in California. The king of Wakanda said he bought the building he planned to demolish, the building on the left and the building on the right. This scene is similar to the Justice League ending where Bruce Wayne gives Clark Kent a new home. This scene is like a satire that Black Panther is much richer than Batman (or is it just me).

turning to technology, Wakanda is a very developed country. Everything developed in that country contains a mixture of Vibranium. Starting from means of transportation to very modern medical treatment. In fact, Danai Gurira, who plays Okoye, said firearms were “very primitive” items. We can also see technological advances from the weapons used by the king's guards and residents of various tribes.

One very advanced technology in this film is remote control. When T'Challa wanted to catch Klaue in Korea. Shuri becomes the driver of a car ridden by Black Panther as you can see in the trailer. In addition, Agent Ross Martin Freeman also uses the tool to prevent these dangerous weapons from getting out of Wakanda.

Disadvantages of the Black Panther movie

Every film has its own drawbacks. In our opinion, here are the shortcomings of the Black Panther film:

– Lack of leaks about Infinity War

I hope that the film will see a bit of a leak about Infinity War, whether it's the Soul Stone, the Shield of the Cap or why the Black Orders invaded Wakanda. However, there is not the slightest leak from the film, because Black Panther really explains about the shadow country only. The post-credits scene also only shows Shuri who is seen treating Bucky Barnes and preparing something new for the Winter Soldier.

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