BLACKPINK Hasn't Comeback in a Long Time, BLINKs are Worried and File a Physical Letter to YG Entertainment


 BLACKPINK OT4's comeback has been eagerly awaited by fans since their last album in October 2020 with the main song 'Lovesick Girls'.

The BLINKs are disappointed with YG Entertainment's actions of not making a comeback for BLACKPINK and they are planning to file a physical letter to protest.

The year 2022 sounds so busy with the comebacks of K-pop idols and sharing their plans for the year.

Even HYBE Label has shared their plans to hold a concert and release the artist's album this year.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment is considered worrying without notification of the artist's comeback, especially for BLACKPINK.

Other agencies are holding various events to showcase the potential talents of their artists.

Reported by from Koreaboo, recently Korea Investment & Securities released their predictions for artists from YG Entertainment.

The beginning of YG Entertainment's activities in 2022 began with the TREASURE comeback which brought the epic song 'JIKJIN'.

As for other groups that will make a comeback in the second half of this year, such as WINNER and IKON.

For BIGBANG and BLACKPINK, their comeback caused a lot of concern for fans.

The BLACKPINK members personally revealed that this year they want to make a comeback and will prepare everything in the best way.

However, their comeback time has not been determined and it is still a concern regarding the truth.

BLINKs are very disappointed to see their talented idols have to stay silent and can't make a complete comeback together.

BLACKPINK was very lacking in terms of comebacks and didn't release any music after 'Lovesick Girls' ended.

Even though the members debuted and greeted fans with their solo songs, it still couldn't heal fans' longing to see the four BLACKPINK members perform on stage with their new song.

Fan concerns regarding BLACKPINK's comeback have become a buzz on social media regarding the company's treatment of the girl group.

Because of this, fans boycotted BLACKPINK merchandise which will soon be launched as a form of fan protest against the company's treatment.

Not only that, BLINK also announced that they would send a physical letter to YG Entertainment asking for an answer.

It seems that BLACKPINK members are also impatient with their comeback so they can greet BLINKs again.

The company's treatment was not only carried out on BLACKPINK, IKON fans also felt disappointed at the company's actions.

When IKON became the line-up for the 'Kingdom' show on MNET and the show ended, all the groups participating in the show made a comeback to pamper fans.

However, IKON did not release any music and works and gave up this good opportunity to make a comeback.

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