New romantic drama, Moonshine: Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri's forbidden love


 For you lovers of romantic Korean drama saeguk, you must watch Moonshine which airs on VIU.

Moonshine takes the story in the Joseon era. This latest Korean drama tells the love story between Kang Ro Seo ( Hyeri ) the poor noble who is forced to make illegal wine to support his family and inspector Nam Young (Yoo Seung Ho) who is known to be very strict.

The main actor, Yoo Seung Ho thought about Moonshine , "This is a drama about forbidden things and four people. The story is light but I think it will be more fun if you watch while looking for hidden messages," he said as quoted by Soompi.

Even though he has starred in several saeguk dramas, Yoo Seung Ho is still nervous. But he found it helpful to his co-star, "But thanks to Lee Hyeri, filming was fun."

Regarding the unique love relationship between Nam Young and Ro Seo, he explained, "After meeting Ro Seo, Nam Young fell in love and realized that he had been wrong all along to believe that only his way of thinking was right."

The actor also praised Hyeri, both for her personality and acting. "Lee Hyeri is the soul of Ro Seo himself. His acting when we are in a romantic and emotional scene is perfect," he said.

Moonshine 's story is getting more exciting with a variety of characters. Well, there are four main characters that will make you fall in love.

Even though he is of noble descent, the cheerful and energetic Kang Ro Seo lives a hard life. His father is gone. He and his family became the subject of ridicule and were shunned by other noble families. In order to raise the status of his family, he was even in a lot of debt. Forced, Ro Seo must become an illegal wine maker to pay off his debts and support his family.

Nam Young is a Goryeo inspector who has a strict nature. He was busy hunting down the illegal winemakers. The task brought him to meet Ro Seo. From the chase, feelings began to grow in their hearts. This makes the inspector confused, between love and job responsibilities.

This crown prince is tall and handsome. He is also good at martial arts and arts, but lazy to study. Having a rebellious nature, he is often absent from work. Lee Pyo is also an addict, he secretly runs away from the kingdom to drink.

Han Ae Jin's life is like heaven and earth with Ro Seo. She was the only daughter of a respected noble and became her father's favorite. Since childhood, he was always pampered and got all the best things and desires without any effort. But Ae Jin has a high curiosity and her personality is hard to guess.

Curious about the fate of the four characters in Moonshine ? You can watch it from December 21, 2021 only on Viu. Viu itself is a well-known site operated by PCCW Media and has a large collection of Korean dramas.

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