SPOILER Ending Korean Drama All Of Us Are Dead Season 1 Episode 6: Is Nam Ra Really Infected


 All Of Us Are Dead starting from the rooftop, Cheol Soo can be seen starting to give SOS notes to anyone who sees it.

Meanwhile, in All Of Us Are Dead, Eun Ji is seen still alive and may have been bitten several times until she finally found the person in the bathroom washing the blood from her hands.

Quoted from the www.thereviewgeek.com site , the following is a leak of the Korean drama All Of Us Are Dead which tells about whether Nam Ra was infected.

Since seeing what happened to his parents, Ji Min decides to commit suicide by jumping out of the window but his teammates are thwarted.

Meanwhile On Jo starts to take him aside and starts talking about the misery his family is going through.

On Jo who doesn't want to lose Ji Min, he can only grieve for the feelings Ji Min has experienced so far.

As they began to lean back, a high-pitched cry was heard at Hyosan's school.

This makes Nam Ra start to get the idea as one of the voices to distract the zombies when the kids want to go out.

Then being able to immediately escape to a safe place, Su Hyeok who spoke then immediately communicated with Cheong San.

Not yet On Jo spoke then he said that he actually listened to the conversation.

Not only that, Gwi Nam also listens to him and asks to catch those who are off guard in the broadcast room and start killing Cheong San.

When all the zombies began to be disturbed, the speakers in the corners began to be pulled into each hallway until finally the zombies began to stick to the walls.

He also kept hitting his head until the whole group started creeping past him.

The chase is still ongoing and they have arrived to a safe place while Gwi Nam is starting to realize what he is doing now.

It looks like the plan they made has been written in the broadcast room but this makes them have to face each other with Su Hyeok.

Nam Ra tries to survive but ends up getting a bite too, and then Gwi Nam starts toss out of the window.

While the other members managed to meet up with Cheong San and they started to surround.

This is definitely worse, Nam Ra looks bitten and is definitely infected by zombies.

Outside the quarantine zone, things got so bad that the groups had to be quarantined for four weeks.

On Jo's father, Nam So Ju, begins to look for a solution to the problems he is currently facing.

That caused him to start strangling one of the guards and one by one people started to fall between each other.

On Jo's father also has the intention to return to his son, he decides to go and take their respective uniforms.

Disguised as a guard, So Ju starts sneaking around with U Sin who is one of the undercover office workers.

After seeing that there were no school children among them, On Jo decided to leave immediately.

Then Cheon San just told this incident to his friends after Gwi Nam started getting infected.

Su Hyeok decided to start taking responsibility for himself, he immediately chose to be beside Nam Ra.

Nam Ra seems to be infected with a different virus, not the zombie virus because it looks like he has shiny red eyes with a nose that doesn't bleed.

To solve this problem, Su Hyeok begins to tie his hands to Nam Ri's as a form of responsibility for everything that happens.

Meanwhile, Jae Ik starts out of the chicken shop and meets a little girl outside.

He immediately pulled the girl and saw the zombies who were hungry began to chase him.

As a result Jae Ik saves him, he also shows his mother being infected in a horde of zombies then starts banging on the window.

So Ju manages to escape the quarantine zone thanks to U Jin's help, she starts walking through the wall and avoids gunfire when she wants to save herself.

Elsewhere, children begin to hold the camera and send an eternal message to Dae Su by singing.

While On Jo tries to do his best, the episode closes with On Jo getting shot while giving a plea to his father.

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