'Agent Game' Trailer, Action-packed Spy from Mel Gibson


 Saban Films' action thriller 'Agent Game' is the venue for the reunion of Mel Gibson and Jason Isaacs

How did Mel Gibson recruit spies to fight for the American flag?


Saban Films has given an exclusive look at the new film 'Agent Game', which features an exciting collection of veteran heroes caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. The film stars Mel Gibson as a senior intelligence officer who recruits a young spy for a dirty job.

Mel Gibson's opponent is Dermot Mulroney (Umma, The Righteous Gemstones) as a CIA interrogator who works behind the scenes and above the law to obtain information by any means necessary.

The trailer features a bit of humor in Gibson's character as he assembles a team of young, seemingly passionate agents by offering a "show" where they can use their unique skills to serve their country.

Looks like 'Agent Game' leans towards the concept of spy violence as Gibson leads his team to take down Mulroney's character. This was done after choosing him as a scapegoat for an unsuitable interrogation, thus bringing down their entire operation.

Mel Gibson says a sentence that describes what we'll get in this patriotic-driven action thriller

"Our mission is to keep the fight from being too big, and the sacrifices to be meaningful."

But Omar of Barkhad Abdi (who appears to be the subject of interrogation) makes a statement that is perhaps even more in keeping with the nature of American military action, saying that being more specific about fellow Americans does not necessarily serve the same purpose.

Besides Gibson, Mulroney, and Abdi, 'Agent Game' stars BAFTA Award winner Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, Star Trek: Discovery) along with Adan Canto, Katie Cassidy, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rhys Coiro. The film was written by Tyler W.

'Agent Game' is undoubtedly well-produced, with an action-packed trailer that promises to be a reliable yet entertaining spy thriller. The poster, which can be seen below, pits Mulroney and Gibson against each other, with Ilonzeh's character aligning himself with Gibson as his top recruit.

The film also marks the reunion of Mel Gibson and Jason Isaacs, who are working together for the first time in more than 20 years. The two played major roles in Roland Emmerich's 'The Patriot', which featured Gibson and Isaacs on opposite sides of the American Revolution.

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