Artificial intelligence will grow 27% annually in Spain until 2025


 Artificial intelligence will grow in the Spanish market by 27% per year until 2025.

The report “ Artificial Intelligence as a lever for generating value. Maturity of the market in Spain ", prepared by IDC and sponsored by Plain Concepts, reflects that the new way of working, the new capabilities and tools, in addition to the new needs of the market, will lead to an exponential growth of the Spanish market of artificial intelligence of the 27% year-on-year in the 2020-2025 period , which is equivalent to reaching a market figure of 1,400 million euros in 2025.

This will mean that next year up to 70% of connected workers will use artificial intelligence (AI) in digital environments and workspaces. Currently almost half of the companies in Spain already use or are in the testing phase of systems and software based on AI technology, something that allows repetitive tasks to be automated while improving the quality of service, products and processes.

AI technology integration

Even before the start of the pandemic, IDC had anticipated the creation of new digital work environments capable of connecting workers in hybrid workplaces capable of increasing productivity and improving the experience of workers.

But this also saves costs, increases income and, in the case of turning AI into an element of digital transformation , favors the evolution of the company's security processes and internal systems, as well as the improvement of its operations and production models. .

Strategies and Budgets

Despite this, there are still 31% of organizations that have not yet drawn up their strategy in adopting AI technology in their processes, while 46% do plan to adopt this type of solution. As for the formulas for its implementation, there are three very balanced percentage options among those who will opt for its development:

An internal IT team.

A general IT and business consulting service.

Companies specialized in AI development.

As for the allocated budget, 54% of the organizations allocate less than 50,000 euros per year , with obstacles such as the difficulty in recruiting talent and knowledge in the labor market, as well as finding the tools that best suit the needs of the organizations. organizations, especially in aspects such as machine learning and data analysis and engineering.

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