Harry Maguire was heavily whistled by Wembley during England's victory against Ivory Coast (3-0) on Tuesday evening. The attitude of the English supporters aroused the incomprehension of the selection, united behind the central defender of Manchester United, starting with the coach, Gareth Southgate.

The surprise was complete, and the disgust sincere. Gareth Southgate has expressed his anger at England fans who booed Harry Maguire on Tuesday night at Wembley, calling their behavior a "big joke". The case of the central defender is debated in England. Gareth Southgate's major argument to justify calling up his player for the preparation matches for the 2022 World Cup was the player's almost perfect record with the selection.

But the presence of the Red Devil is far from unanimous in England, due to its poor performance with Manchester United since the start of the season. Already last November, when it came to the "Three Lions" to validate their ticket to Qatar, the form of Maguire worried. The central defender had however been established against Albania (5-0) at Wembley, and at San Marino (10-0), opening the scoring in both matches.

Southgate: 'The commitment behind him should be total'

After his goal in London, he stood in front of the stands with his hands behind his ears to chamber his critics. Did this gesture backfire last night against Côte d'Ivoire (3-0)? Still, he was taken aback by some of the supporters. A bronca was heard at the mention of his name during the announcement of the team compositions, then mockery was then uttered during his first touches of the ball.

"What he did for us, the way he played for England was phenomenal, I don't understand, reacted Gareth Southgate at the Sky Sports microphone. He wears the England jersey. Not only we should support any player in an England shirt, but when he plays at this level, the commitment behind him should be total. I don't understand at all. The team is totally united He's going through a tough time, but he's a great player and he'll get through it."




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At the end of the evening, Jordan Henderson also expressed his incomprehension through a statement: "I can't understand what happened at Wembley tonight. Harry Maguire was a colossus for England. Without him , the progress made in the last two tournaments would not have been possible. Getting booed in your stadium, for no reason? What have we become? What happened tonight is not normal. As a person who wants to win with England, I feel lucky to share a dressing room with him. We all feel the same."

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