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Hi, it’s Excalibur again. This time we've a selection of the Arena 6 Decks (Builder’s Workshop) in Clash Royale.

This is the second one guide within the Arena Rush series. It’s targeted on getting you via Builder’s Workshop and I’ll provide you with a few decks primarily based on win conditions you select. This is wherein the Meta starts offevolved to take an effect on decks, so you would possibly like to unencumber all the playing cards available now before you development in advance.

Clash Royale Arena 6 DecksChoosing a Win Condition

The win situation is the main damage supplier in the deck. Preferably attacking simplest buildings, win situations have to be strong enough to reach towers, dealing slight harm, and feature an affordable elixir fee.

There are a good wide variety of win situations to pick from at this degree. The addition of X-Bow, Balloon, Mortar, and Skeleton Barrel adds a lot greater alternatives in your deck, making it each flexible and offense-oriented.

I’d recommend which you pick a win condition from the subsequent 4 playing cards on your Arena 6 Decks, due to the fact they're smooth to play with and don’t want plenty guide.

Hog Rider Decks

Possibly the maximum nicely-rounded win situation in the sport. You’ll want to play him offensively, and use a good guide card + Mini Tank on defense.

These three Arena 6 decks are superb at offense and feature a wonderful defense as properly.


A noticeably offensive deck. Make mixtures with the Hog, like Hog + Valk, Hog + Poison and take guaranteed harm! For defense towards swarms, you’ve were given the Magic Archer, Zap and Valkyrie. Mortar plays the function of a shielding building here, however in case Hog Rider doesn’t connect, it is able to be used offensively too.


A spin off model of the popular 2.6 Hog Cycle. Built for lower arenas, wherein there may be no Ice Golem 🙂

Along with the Knight, use the Cannon to protect towards floor troops. Baby Dragon looks after swarms, even as Musketeer gives decent tank killing and anti air.

Don’t lose a tower. If you do, it’s very difficult to make comebacks, as there’s handiest one opportunity for offense.


This deck is a bit on the shielding facet, but translates quickly to offense. If you shield with Baby Dragon, plop a Hog in front of it and also you’ve were given a respectable push geared up.

Defend well and then hit your fighters on the counter. There’s super synergy in this one and it’s tough to head wrong.Giant Decks

One of the easiest cards in the game to play with, the Giant has a first rate kit. He is a Rare and consequently easy to level up. He’s got excellent fitness for his elixir fee.


It’s got a stable elixir fee of three.8, but it’s genuinely fun to play with. Defend with Barbarians and Musketeer, then use Giant/Valkyrie to tank. Use Baby Dragon for protective help and Skeleton Barrel for offensive assist. Zap looks after Infernos and Poison cleans up swarms even as getting tower harm.


A exceptionally offensive deck. Use the Giant to tank for the Balloon, and help with Arrows + Zap. I’d advocate now not to show Balloon before 2x elixir. Use Valkyrie + Musketeer/Minions for protection. Skeleton Army is cheap swarm + tank killer.


PEKKA has a bendy function here; you may use it as Skeleton Army bait/Inferno bait – or you can use it because the tank killer and push with Giant. There’s a very good protection right here, and PEKKA may be used offensively as well.Balloon Decks 

The Balloon has one of the maximum unique mechanics in-game. It offers a TON of harm if it connects, however getting it to attach is the hard component. If you've got Lava Hound unlocked, you’ll want to use it with the Balloon.


Based on making slow pushes and getting the ‘loon to the tower. Use Zap and Arrows for Inferno and Minions respectively. A solo Hound is not a good buy, aid it with Baby Dragon/Flying Machine. Defend with Minions, Baby Dragon and Tombstone.


Great offense? Check. Great protection? Check. Tank? Sort of. Swarm? Check.


A rock solid protection. Combine Inferno Dragon with Valkyrie and NOTHING gets through. Balloon and Baby Dragon makes a pleasant push in conjunction with Minions.

Use your Balloon on every occasion possible, because that’s handiest manner you’re getting any damage at the tower.Golem Decks

This is the cardboard that has the MOST quantity of fitness in the game. A maxed Golem has 6176 fitness, a touch less than the extent 13 King Tower. Solid, very tanky, and with the delivered benefit of demise harm, Arena 6 Golem decks are less complicated to play than Balloon.

They are simpler to play in 2x elixir.


The cards in this deck have top notch synergy with each other. The strength of Geometry (Magic Archer) combined with the Baby Dragon leaves little or no room for blunders. To smash big pushes, you have got Lightning and Minions.


You’ll use the Hog to bait out the protecting homes and swarms of the opponent, or you can use it behind the Golem for high-quality damage. It’s an easy deck to play with, has Zap for Infernos, Baby Dragon for swarms and Mini Pekka for tanks.


Use the Golem at the side of the Skeleton Barrel. You’ll want to place it over the river as opposed to the bridge. It has a fast motion pace. If the Inferno Tower is deployed late, it's going to lock on to the Skelly Barrel, to be able to decimate the Inferno as it switches goals.Arena Rush collection:

  • Arena 5 Decks

So that’s it for today, men. These are twelve decks with the intention to get you to at the least Royal Arena, if now not similarly. Most of them are fairly easy to play and don’t depend on Legendaries plenty.

Hopefully, you have determined this Clash Royale Arena 6 Decks guide useful!

See you in Royal Arena next tim

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