Ghana: Parliament passes controversial law


 Ghana's parliament on Tuesday approved a new electronic transaction tax that has been hotly contested by the population.

The so-called "E-levy" tax will introduce a 1.5% tax on money transfers and electronic transactions, which President Nana Akufo-Addo's government says will help raise $900 million in much-needed revenue .

"Honorable Members, The Electronic Transfers Levy Bill 2021 has been duly read a third time and passed." said Alban Bagbin, Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana.

Lawmakers passed the law after the opposition minority walked out on debate.

The Ghanaian government says the tax will solve problems ranging from unemployment to the country's heavy public debt.

Many Ghanaians view the tax as an added burden in this difficult time when the already high cost of living is compounded by soaring fuel prices due to the Ukraine crisis.

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