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Now, right here are the excellent Clash Royale Arena 7 Decks and all of the suggestions so that you can get all the manner to the Frozen Peak!

There’s a whole new lot of troops with interesting mechanics unlocked from here, so you’ll need to choose a new win condition with a purpose to development.

Thhttps://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=thorss.sonic-2-vo is is the third manual within the Arena Rush collection.

Best Clash Royale Arena 7 Decks and TipsChoosing a Win Condition

There are three good win conditions unlocked in Royal Arena: Royal Giant, Royal Hogs and Three Musketeers. On the higher hand, they all are Commons and Rares, for this reason easy to level up. However, all 3 of them require a good quantity of ability for correct use.

If you don’t have a Legendary, don’t worry. You’ll nevertheless be capable of play a truthful wide variety of these Arena 7 decks.

I’d advise you to exchange up your win conditions from Builder’s Workshop and pick out one from those win conditions.

Royal Giant (RG) was one of the maximum broken cards in the game earlier than his range nerf. He nonetheless remains barely overpowered because of his variety – he simply locks on to the tower so rapid.


An truely cancerous deck within the antique days when RG may want to outrange Inferno Tower, it nevertheless stays feasible. Build up pushes from defense and use the RG up ahead with Zap or Lightning.

This deck does now not have a single Legendary card and is overpowered at better levels.


Don’t underestimate this one. The RG Double Prince is a tremendous deck because it’s were given a fast, nearly unstoppable offense. Defend with Musketeer and use the Prince/s for offense behind an RG. It’s were given a heavy elixir cost so that you don’t want to overcommit on offense.


This deck has this kind of lovely offense that it almost compensates for having virtually no defense in any respect. The synergy of RG with Zap/Flying Machine/Minions and the synergy of Miner/Minions regularly proves an excessive amount of for the opponent. For protection, use Skeletons, Furnace and Flying Machine, but attempt to take a tower earlier than you supply one.

And yes, it's far awkward defending with a Miner.

The addition of Three Musketeers provides that traditional bait detail to Giant decks in Arena 7. It’s a laugh to play with and guarantees you trophies.


This one is a bit complex to address. Playing it improperly may want to lose you a number of trophies.

NEVER use the three Musketeers in a unmarried lane. They provide Fireball cost away and you’ll be left defenseless. Try to bait out Fireball/Lightning/Mega Knight/Poison with Skeleton Army, Dark Prince, Minion Horde and Knight. Do no longer display 3M earlier than 2x elixir, as that’s when the deck shines.

Split 3M on the back. On the facet where there’s 2 Musketeers, place a Dark Prince in the front. On the side where there’s a single Musketeer, place a Giant + Knight.

Keep Zap ready and blow your opponent to smithereens. In a pinch, Barb Barrel also can be used to clear swarms and tank for 2M.


An updated model of Giant Double Prince. Poison facilitates you for swarms, don’t use it on defense as you’ve got Baby Dragon + Zap for that. Try to guard properly with Dark Prince, and plop a Giant in front. The Dark Prince has a 360 degree place of assault while charging, so use that. His protect is available in on hand for defending PEKKAs.


Enemy troops are the least of your issues right here. Try to get your Giant to the tower as an alternative. Save your Zap for the Inferno Tower, and observe extra strain with Goblin Barrel.

Hog Rider is a very nicely rounded win situation. It gets better up the Arenas, with all the new playing cards being unlocked. For instance, Dark Prince synergizes VERY nicely with the Hog Rider because he has a 360 diploma assault even as charging.


A deck with awesome synergy, decent offense and pinnacle defense. This deck is a spin-off of the classic 2.6 Hog Cycle. Don’t hesitate to spam Hog on the bridge, but ensure you have sufficient elixir to aid it – like Zap or Poison.


No struggles on protection, PEKKA and Baby Dragon takes care of the whole thing. Night Witch is for offensive aid. Zap may be used to guard, however keep your Poison for the tower and something swarms/guide gadgets oppose your Hog Rider.


Don’t suppose this one is a shaggy dog story deck, I’ve visible warring parties junk mail the Angry King emote when playing towards this.

I actually have written another guide on the use of Golem Hog decks, you could take a look at it out as properly. Don’t show the Golem earlier than 2x, don’t hesitate to apply Poison on defense.

When it’s 2x elixir, plop the Golem in the returned, location the Hog in the back of it at the bridge and ruin your opponent. Keep Zap geared up for Inferno Tower.

Like I said before, Balloon is a intricate win circumstance to play with. It’s got a TON of harm, however getting that damage is tough.

No issues though, these Balloon Arena 7 decks going to pile up trophies.


This deck could be very spell established, and capabilities Legendaries, so it wouldn’t be my first advice to you… except it changed into that suitable.

Great push ability, okay defense. It’s excellent against Infernos and Minions/Horde however struggles towards heavy ground decks like Golem. Best to push the opposite facet when an opponent places down a Golem. Balloon assaults higher than Golem and also you’ll nevertheless have a few elixir left over for defense.


Push potential? Check. Fireball bait? Check. Deadly DPS? Check. Swarm? Check!


One of the better Balloon cycle decks accessible. Offense is Skeleton Barrel and Miner. Use Balloon when Wizard/Musketeer/Magic Archer/Witch is baited using the Miner + Skeleton Barrel. Defend swarms with Furnace and Baby Dragon and tanks with Mini PEKKA. Don’t positioned the Balloon on the bridge until you have Zap and Furnace to guide it.

Miner + Balloon is likewise a splendid push, however you need to be organized for Minion Horde. If viable, don’t use the Miner on protection as he’s your secondary win situation.

That’s it for today guys. These are the twelve satisfactory Arena 7 decks in Clash Royale to be able to help you get to Arena 8. See you there next, and please inform me in the comments segment in case you appreciated this manual.

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