Icarus: from what age to watch this animated film on Greek mythology?


The animated film Icarus by Carlo Vogele is released this Wednesday in our theaters. From what age to watch this film on Greek mythology?


Once upon a time: On the island of Crete https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=vflika.morbius-fr, every corner is a playground for Icarus, the son of the great inventor Daedalus. During an exploration near the palace of Knossos, the little boy makes a strange discovery: a child with the head of a bull is locked up there by order of King Minos. In secret from his father, Icarus will however befriend the young minotaur named Asterion. But fate changes when the latter is taken into a labyrinth. Can Icarus save his friend and change the course of a story written by the gods?



Released: March 30, 2022 | 1h 16min

By Carlo Vogele






• What they'll love: The first feature film by Carlo Vogele, who previously worked in the animation department of Pixar, Icarus immerses the viewer in full Greek mythology.

We follow young Icarus, who lives on the island of Crete alongside his father Daedalus, from his friendship with the young minotaur, the son of King Minos' wife, to his fatal flight. The film tells us the story of this young boy, his hopes and his disappointments.

If the myth of Icarus who burns his wings after flying too close to the sun is known to everyone, his personal story and his childhood remain mysterious. The director, passionate about Greek mythology since childhood, explains: "When I looked for a mythological hero, Icarus appeared to me like a blank page. The myth only turns on the flight and the fall. When you read the texts in Ovid, there are very few additional details."

Carlo Vogele has therefore attempted to reconstruct the childhood of the hero and his encounter with the major figures of mythology.

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From the minotaur born of Queen Pasiphae's love with a white bull sent by Poseidon, to the terrible revenge of King Minos, passing through the labyrinth of Daedalus, the flight of Icarus, Ariadne's son and the betrayal of Theseus, the feature film brings these mythical figures to life and allows viewers to better understand these legends.

These hard-to-tell stories then become clearer to young viewers. The incredible work of reconstruction done by Carlo Vogele and his team allows you to really project yourself into the life of the young boy.

For the purposes of his film, the filmmaker indeed visited the ancient sites of Crete, in particular Knossos, the colorful palace of King Minos. Throughout the film, colors and lights play an essential role. The Cretan landscapes are perfectly represented and inscribe history in reality.

We come out with this feeling of having understood everything and the satisfaction of knowing the real reason why King Minos demanded, each year, 14 tributes to be sacrificed in Athens.

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• What can worry them: As we know, mythology is full of stories that can frighten young children and that of Icarus is no exception to the rule. Although some scenes have not been detailed, and the director does not explain everything (especially the design of the minotaur...), Icarus is not to be seen for 8 years.

The film includes scenes of nudity, when Ariane (voiced by Camille Cottin) joins Thésée (Niels Schneider) in her room, violence (Minos regularly whips the minotaur and demands 14 young people to be sacrificed in Athens) and 2 characters die.

These scenes can therefore frighten the most sensitive spectators, but it was impossible to water down these myths too much, which are also part of the school program...

The final scene during which the hero approaches too close to the sun is particularly beautiful. Far from being sad, she leads Icarus to freedom and allows him to join his friend.

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• What they will keep deep inside them: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=vflika.morbius-fr The impression of having (finally) understood a part of Greek mythology and the want to continue to discover these stories.

The sumptuous scenery of Crete makes you want to go on a trip and rest in the shade of thousand-year-old olive trees.

Icarus becomes friends with Asterion the Minotaur, which is actually nothing scary. The film makes it clear that you shouldn't judge someone on their appearance.

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