Jared Leto en vampire chez Marvel : "J'avais l'impression de jouer 3 personnages dans Morbius"


 After Venom, place to Morbius. Enemy of Spider-Man in the comic books, this vampire makes his film debut as Jared Leto, who looks back on the film and its challenges.

While Spider-Man is resting after his eventful adventures in No Way Home , another of his adversaries makes his film debut: Michael Morbius, a scientist who turns into a vampire after experiments that went wrong when they were supposed to. aim of curing him of his rare disease.

Set in the same universe as  Venom (and the future Kraven , currently being filmed), Daniel Espinosa 's feature film  is worn by Jared Leto . Which returns with us on the film and its challenges. And in particular the incarnation of the various personalities of  Morbius in this opus which, according to the actor, explores a darker part of the Marvel universe and flirts with horror https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=vflika.morbius-fr.

Interview by Maximilien Pierrette in Paris on March 22, 2022 - Editing: Constance Mathews

"Morbius" has been in theaters since March 30:

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