New Poster 'The Black Phone' Has Been Released


 This poster design marks Scott Derrickson's return to the horror industry

The poster for 'The Black Phone' features an image of a black phone sitting on a gloomy wall where The Grabber keeps its victims.


The upcoming horror film directed by Scott Derrickson, 'The Black Phone' has released a brand new Finnish poster. While other film posters have recently evoked 1970s-1980s vibes, this Finnish poster takes us back to 'Sinister' for an illustration, with its dirty gray walls and black stripes, and a black phone ringing waiting for the characters. Mason Thames to lift it. It's reminiscent of Scott Derrickson's iconic earlier poster, in which Ashley Oswalt (Clare Foley) draws on the wall and reveals the face of the evil Bughuul.

The poster with the 'Sinister' design is characterized by the inclusion of a phone image surrounded by shadows of people. This is a past victim of Ethan Hawke's 'The Grabber', who intends to help Finney Shaw escape from the killer's clutches via a black phone. Generally, we'll see him robbing the camera with his scary mask, but this poster chooses to keep him in the shadows, instead focusing on Finney as he's about to pick up the phone after he wakes up in the gloomy room where Grabber keeps his victims. Overall, this is a spooky poster set up for Scott Derrickson's return to the horror world.

'The Black Phone' is a Blumhouse Production film that tells the character of Finney, a 13-year-old boy who meets the notorious child killer, The Grabber. He is taken to the location where the past victims of The Grabber were kept before they were finally killed. Something on the wall helps Finney when the spirits of the dead reach him via the black phone on the wall, hoping to keep him from the same fate.

Meanwhile, Finney's sister, Gwen (Madeleine McGraw) begins to dream about details that are not publicly known. He begins working with the police to track down Finney and The Grabber to save his brother and end the serial killer's run.

This will be Scott Derrickson's first horror film since 'Deliver Us From Evil 2014', a film that failed to reach the pinnacle of his previous works, 'Sinister' or 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose'. Since then, he has taken the director's chair for the horror element superhero film, 'Doctor Strange', tasking him with properly introducing magic into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With 'The Black Phone', he will be reunited with Ethan Hawke, turning him from the main protagonist in 'Sinister' to the main antagonist, as well as his longtime co-writer C. Robert Cargill.

'The Black Phone' will star Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies, James Ransone, E. Roger Mitchell, Kellan Rhude, J. Gaven Wilde, Michael Banks Repeta and Brady Hepner. The film is based on the short story by Joe Hill and produced by Jason Blum.

After previous delays, 'The Black Phone' will be released in theaters on June 24.

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