Erling Haaland (21), Dortmund striker, was replaced at halftime in the friendly match against Armenia (9-0) on Tuesday. His coach wanted to be reassuring with his star, criticized for his silence.

Mute in the club since the end of January, Erling Haaland (21) took advantage of the international break to regain his sense of goal. He scored against Slovakia (2-0) on Friday before scoring twice and delivering a decisive pass during Norway's correction to Armenia (9-0) on Tuesday in a friendly match. But the Borussia Dortmund player only participated halfway through the game. Subject to heavy treatment, he was replaced at half-time after receiving a blow after his second achievement, that of 5-0.

Coach Stale Solbakken wanted to be reassuring about the state of his star. "There was disappointment in his eyes when I told him he wouldn't play in the second half, so it's probably not that bad," he said after the game. . It was my decision."

Before that, the technician had praised the new show of player strength after his 14th and 15th goals for the national team, which already place him halfway to Jorge Juve's record (33 goals). "We saw a show of power on a level that has never been shown before on Norwegian soil, he says. It's explosions, he has that flair. You rub your eyes a little bit sometimes. Erling has a special body and a bit of a special running style. First and foremost, he has a huge physical package. He also has a good understanding. He was born with a certain instinct and a gift, and he puts it to good use ."

Coach says he knows more than journalists about Haaland's future

Haaland's behavior during this truce has been criticized for his silence in the face of the press, but also for joining and leaving the rally on a private jet. The 21-year-old thus avoided answering questions about his future, a hot topic next summer. His coach did it for him.


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"I probably know a little more than you, Solbakken said. But I haven't been involved in any advice stuff at all. Of course, we talk together. We also talked about it a little. I don't make that decision."

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