Peter Dinklage Returns to MCU in Thor Love and Thunder


 Peter Dinklage, who played Eitri in Avengers: Infinity War, shared the latest update on his involvement in Thor Love and Thunder .

Eitri is the one responsible for creating some of the most powerful weapons in the MCU. These include Mjolnir, Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet and most recently Stormbreaker.

Eitri's Role In Defeating Thanos

But unfortunately after Eitri made the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos slaughtered all of his comrades. Even though Eitri was allowed to stay alive, Eitri's hand could no longer be used. With the help of Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Eitri was finally able to create the Stormbreaker Thor used to kill Thanos.

Thor's success in defeating Thanos in Avengers: Endgame with his Stormbreaker certainly cannot be separated from Eitri's efforts. However, since Avengers: Infinity War, Eitri's whereabouts are still unknown. Moreover, he was the only one left of his clan, of course it would be a bit strange if Eitri remained there alone.

Eitri Will Return to Thor Love and Thunder

In an interview with The Empire Film Podcast , Dinklage answered about his possible return in a future MCU film. However, he did not directly confirm his involvement in any MCU films. Even so he made reference to the Thor 4 movie.

The presence of Eitri in Thor Love and Thunder certainly makes sense considering that there will be characters who need his services to forge new weapons. As we all know, Natalie Portman is confirmed to be the next Mighty Thor. Of course he would also need his own Mjolnir which Eitri might just forge.

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