REVIEW: Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek (2013)


 There is a dichotomy regarding my view of Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek: on the one hand, I find it interesting to watch the story of the underdog achieving success and on the other hand, I find it very boring to watch some predictable plot lines. The feeling after finishing the drama was sweet, so I can say that the drama was an easy and good experience, with some beautiful moments too.

The story has all the typical drama characters: a warm-hearted and talented man; his cold and cruel ex-girlfriend; a sweet, hardworking girl and a rich and powerful man who falls in love with this girl. Throw them into the advertising field and we have preparations for this drama. The show then continues with our hero trying hard to make a name in this field as he combines his talents with several of his other teammates, who together make this journey an interesting one to watch as they go through hardships and eventually achieve success.

Let me start with the things I love about drama. First of all, our team of heroes, consisting of several rookies, includes him and the leader who was once known to be a genius in this field. I love their warm interaction and the way they prepare the ad. Anyways, I love the ads they make: be it a blanket ad, or an Everest ad, they're all really great. Second, the relationship between OTPs that started as friendly as friends, then became friends and finally became lovers. I'm glad that there were no fights this time and they hit it off right from the start. This drama has a golden moment when these people work together to achieve a target. Their friendship is one thing to look out for in this show and it gives a lot of heart. Each team member is made with its own importance and stands out.

Now the things that bother me. First, the storyline is very predictable and overused after 10 or 11 episodes. We knew what was coming and it took longer than needed just because they had to form some finals. Also, the scenes involving the second lead are very uninteresting and boring. Corporate debauchery also goes by the same opinion. Another thing I want in a drama is some romantic moments between OTPs. They are great together, but more romance would be great.

I liked one of the songs from the soundtrack and it was called Love Afternoon. It's fresh, breezy and romantic.

Jin Goo has done an outstanding job in a role that might seem too cliché or idealistic. She has charm and plays her role with great confidence. I'm a Park Ha Sun fan now. She is unbelievably charming, sweet and equally good in both light and serious scenes. The two share warm chemistry.

The second clue is fine. This is my first time seeing Jo Hyun Jae and I found his character very boring here. Han Chae Young looks pretty but her character also looks boring. They failed to impress much.

But the supporting cast that includes the GRC folks is a plus. They are funny and fun to watch. I love their friendship. Go Chang Suk is a star in comedy and pain.

On a final note, Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek is an easy and enjoyable spectacle if you ignore some of the usual plot points in the second half.

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