REVIEW: Girl Who Sees Smell / Girl Who Sees Smell (2015)


 TINY!!! If there was one word that could define Girl Who Sees Smells for me, it would be it. A sweet romance salted with murder mystery about a serial killer and emphasizing all things supernatural — the result is a show that isn't perfect but manages to find a place in your heart.

This drama centers around two people who have a lot in common. Our hero is Moo Gak who lost his sister when a serial killer killed him while the same person killed our hero's parents Cho Rim. They both suffer from this tragedy which leads to hilarious consequences as she gains the ability to see smells while she loses the ability to feel pain and physical taste. Their paths cross and then embark on a journey where they not only solve the mystery of a serial killer but also find peace and love for each other, and realize what they really want to do in life.

As I said earlier, the de-resistance part of this drama is the main pairing of Moo Gak and Cho Rim. They are charming individually and together. Cho Rim is a cheerful, helpful and courageous girl. The way he is willing to help Moo Gak in his investigations and also later, willingly wants to help the police by keeping himself in danger, all of this shows how brave he is. He's someone you want to be friends with - he's sweet and loving.  His only mission is to find the man who killed his sister, but I love that the drama doesn't turn him into a grumpy, tired young man hungry for revenge.  She is respectful and really sweet. I like it in the end,

This couple is amazing because Moo Gak and Cho Rim are both understanding and supportive, and always think and work together, without hiding each other. They fight but lightly. I love how normal their relationship is. They joke, flirt, do lots of funny things together and also have emotional talks. Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung filled the screen with their captivating chemistry and formed one of the funniest onscreen couples I've ever seen. You just want to squeeze them because they continue to be adorable. This is the pair that appeared out of nowhere and knocked him out of the garden. The scenes where they are practicing or doing comic skits, they are really carefree.

The drama charted its course with a mix of romance developments and police investigations. At first, we see some episodic cases where Cho Rim becomes useful to Moo Gak but then the plot gains momentum when the main killer reappears. This drama puts some red fish into the mix to keep us guessing but ultimately lifts the curtain on who the real culprit is. It's a risky move but the drama handles it pretty well as the show goes from a hoax to a show about how our police team will find and catch the killer.

There is never a dull moment in this truly entertaining show. Besides being funny and comedic, it has a lot of scary moments as well as a fast tempo. The modus operandi of the police is so incompetent that I have never seen such a cop act stupidly. I blame the post for being so lazy when it comes to painting a good cop, because I don't expect it to be for the best but at least give us something acceptable. Also, there are a lot of loopholes and illogical sequences, especially in the second half which spoils the enjoyment somewhat. Also, it's pretty clear at the end that the writers ran out of ideas, which led to a very disappointing final episode.

But despite its glaring flaws, the drama is engaging and engaging enough to keep us in its company. There is no shortage of humor and thrill at every turn. Another disappointing feature is the incomplete and half-baked explanation of the killer's motives. Even if the police team is very incompetent, I still love it! I love how the three cop friends have grown since we first met them. They despise and dislike Moo Gak at first but then adore him a lot. The four of them, along with Cho Rim and detective Yum Mi — they are amazing when they plan, act, and enjoy together. What a lovely family! Relationship formation and growth is one of the highlights of this event.

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