REVIEW: Heir (2013)


 Heirs was without a doubt the most talked about show of 2013. From the moment Lee Min Ho was cast until his final episode aired, people kept discussing him. It received great ratings and popularity all over the world. Its entertainment value depends on the expectations and the mindset used to approach it. I found it really fun but basically it's a mediocre drama that has fun in its characters and moments. It is not meant to be taken seriously because it has larger-than-life people and situations. I went to crazyland for 10 weeks of its run, getting excited for every new episode, preview, behind the scenes; everything related to the Heirs !

There is a rich schoolboy with problems and ancient stories about the ill-fated romance between a rich man and a poor girl. Add in some corporate debauchery and family troubles.

What makes it such a fun watch are the interesting characters that come in abundance. The centerpiece was of course our main couple and I fell in love with them right away. I usually don't like 'love at first sight' but here I'm letting it go as the protagonists are teenagers and it's natural for them to be attracted that way. The drama takes a leisurely pace in establishing their initial interactions and then moves forward to bring them closer. Both leads have a vulnerable and innocent charm that I really like and makes me care about them. I am with them throughout their journey: be it cuteness, temptation, sweetness, anxiety, sadness, passion, separation, reunion.

Character wise, our hero Tan is very much different from the regular heroes as he is not an arrogant and caring jerk, I do get annoyed whenever he shows some bossy boyfriend tropes but luckily it's not much and I consider him a writer. style. He is very true to his love and I really find it refreshing that he has most of the usual second lead characteristics. Our main character Eun Sang starts off well by being a non-cliché candy but then gets really sad and sad but finally has her moment to shine. He is amazing when he shows his courage and passion. Both are totally handicapped and sometimes make stupid decisions, but I can relate to that as they are only 18 years old. Overall, I like our main pair. They shared some great scenes when they were together: funny, giddy, and romantic.

Coming to our second male lead Young Do, at first I was annoyed that he is a real bad jerk because he likes to bully other people. But as the show progressed, I began to feel his loneliness and sadness. He has great curves and growth. Then there are some cute characters like Bona, Myung-shik and Tan's mother whose antics provide a moment of giddy laughter in Heirs. I especially love our OTP mom's fantastic scene. Senior Tan Hyung Shik is one of my favorites providing some much needed calm in a show where almost everyone experiences extreme emotions. And the young couple Bona-Chan is a wonderful addition very simple and cute and natural. Secretary Yoon is also interesting.

The heirs are thrown in with some pretty fun and playful pieces that make it fun. Whenever the humor comes out, the scenes are really good. There are hearts but not everywhere. It cannot be seen with the lens of reality.

I just love all the scenes where people actually act like kids like school trips or exam time/results, petty fights, teasing, etc, but the bullying and I-hate-you-because-bad behavior is just annoying. and off-putting. Which got me to the point that there is so much untapped potential in Heirs. A school setting can be very fun and charming but because it focuses too much on bullying and anxiety and a useless love triangle, it leaves me dissatisfied.

Half-baked friendship which is not something I want in a high school drama. Bromance is also not fully explored. Certain characters are underutilized criminally like Won and Hyun Joo whose romances are also the least interesting of all. The arc of Tan and Won's relationship is also not fully developed and rushed at the end. Plus, the tone is serious and melodramatic instead of the hard-core romantic comedies that sometimes make Heirs a watch heavyweight.

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