REVIEW: High School King Of Savvy (2014)


 If I had to define High School King Of Savvy in one word, it would be warmth. And affection. And Seo In Guk . It's a captivating drama with adorable characters and soaked in sweetness that just leaves you with a delightful taste.

What really amazed me in this show was that even when it has a premise that calls for lots of fantastical and over-the-top antiques, the drama's canvas sets itself in slice-of-life colours. The show is grounded in reality with believable characters. For instance, the home of our hero, which doesn't appear to be a set but looks lived in. The drama is brimming with fun and lightness and at the same time, there are heart-tugging moments. Relationships are one of the strengths. On similar lines, the soundtrack also has a soft, indie feel to it.

Coming to our hero Sooyoung, she doesn't use cute tricks to make you adore her. She may seem very clumsy and clumsy but also charming and mature. And that makes this odd pair a perfect match because his naivety is balanced with his age. He had a good arc of growth in the drama but it was gradual and organic as he became more confident but remained the same good person he used to be. I love that the drama doesn't give her a makeover and our hero even says that he likes that he's so weird! I love how the drama shows their views that differ due to their age, with the acceptance that age differences exist.

I like his relationship with his sister Yoo Ah. The latter annoyed me at first with his clingy behavior but showed a lot of maturity later in life that eventually put him in my good books. Jin Woo is our second lead who rivals Min Suk in love and work. I love him and am glad that he never turns into someone full of conspiracies and manipulations. I admire the bromance we got between him and Min Suk.

Min Suk's office team has a big role to play in making this event what it is. Their daily gossip, worries, relationships, complaints, friendships — they are all extra. Especially the scene with Min Suk and Team leader Kim was amazing.

I think the whole basic plot of the two sibling look-alikes and the reason for the whole plot of switching identities is handled very lightly and goes whining. Too easy to finish and big brother comes late in the game to give him room for growth or our understanding of him or have any sentiments for him. Also marriage in the end seems too mature as a decision. The extension does take a few steps away from the drama.

Seo In Guk is charming and plays his role with elan. She looks flawless as a high school student, carries the right expression and demeanor and so much warmth on her part. I can say that he is the heart and soul of this show. Lee Ha Na melts into her character as she shows the awkwardness that comes with low self-esteem and she also has moments to shine. This couple has great chemistry. Lee Soo Hyuk is so HOT! I love her voice and she makes her character more interesting with her charm. A shout out to Kang Ki Young and Lee Tae Hwan for playing their roles so well as our heroes' best friends with great comic timing. The rest of the cast is amazing. The friendship between all the players is amazing.

Lastly, High School King Of Savvy is a warm, funny, adorable, and charming show that makes you fall in love with Seo In Guk all over again!

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