Rocket League Sideswipe Review: Give Repeat Satisfaction!


 Rocket League's presence as a crossover game, a mix of automotive and football sports, in 2015 seemed less promising at first. But over time, many realized that the concept of the game in it could give a new sensation, so Rocket League Sideswipe was born.

When car racing is mixed with fun getting the ball into the net to score points. Rocket League has also become a phenomenon on various console and PC devices. Pysonix Studios has succeeded in keeping the community ecosystem active.

At the end of 2021, the average active streamer account playing Rocket League reached 30 thousand per month. With the peak of the game occurring in September 2020 which reached 146,000 more active accounts. The data is enough to prove that this game is indeed popular with many people. Which ultimately led Psyonix to continue to develop games in new directions through mobile devices or smartphones.

So since it was announced on March 24, 2021, Pysonix has finally released Rocket League Sideswipe on November 15, 2021, which is specifically made for the mobile genre, and can be played for both Android and iOS operating systems. It still has the same game concept as the console version, but with a simpler look.

User Interface

The user interface or interface in Rocket League Sideswipe is presented so simple. There are two UI modes that can be accessed, namely offline and online. The basic difference between the two modes is the presence of a menu for playing matches with other gamers, which can only be accessed when accessing the network via the Epic Games server. Yes, Epic Games as the landlady of Pysonix does require gamers to create an account on their server first. Each gamer can create more than one account with a different email.

The menu choices presented are not too complicated. Gamers can access several options such as training, garage, item shop, rocket pass, and challenges. With additional menus for settings and friendship lobby. Daily item claims can be found via the rocket pass , which is easy to understand from the first time you play. Meanwhile, the challenges menu contains a list of objectives that can be conquered to get additional items and digital money in the game.

If you look at the UI in the game from the perspective of innovation, then what is presented is boring. But from a functional perspective, it clearly feels appropriate and straightforward. Because indeed the essence of Rocket League Sidewipe is in the match mode itself.

Visual Graphics

The most striking thing about the mobile version of Rocket League is the 2-dimensional graphics. Much different than the console and PC versions which have a 3-dimensional approach. It seems that access to a smaller screen is one of the reasons why the 2D concept is the choice. It would be difficult to see the movement of the ball in 3D space. The good thing is, the 2D presentation in this game does not reduce the essence of the Rocket League-style crossover game itself.

Psyonix gives gamers the option to make graphic settings through the menu provided. Three graphic settings are provided, namely low, medium , and high. With a number of frame rates that can be set in the range of 30 to 60 FPS. Interestingly, this FPS setting is done in detail to the level of 1 number more or less. So gamers can adjust the graphics needs of the game to the capabilities of their devices.

In the game, the colorful visual presentation is maintained through the turbo effects of the car, the movement of the ball, and when scoring. However, all these effects are only obtained when gamers continue to increase the level of the game and get bonus items. These effects can also be customized according to individual tastes.

In general, the presentation of graphic visual effects in Rocket League Sideswipe can give its own impression even though it is not too special. Turn on the atmosphere of the game which is quite intense in some conditions.

Rocket League Sideswipe Gameplay Gameplay

The most interesting part of Rocket League Sideswipe is the gameplay itself. For those who are playing for the first time, it may take some time to digest what this game has to offer. The concept is simple, enter the ball into the available goal. But with a small arena and quite visible from the side, will it be interesting enough? -Surprisingly- (son of South Jakarta), yes!

Endorphin hormones are like being pulled up when the car scores a goal, let alone to win the game. The spinning flying attraction of the car can be used to score a variety of interesting goals. It's like an addiction to keep playing it over and over again until you're completely satisfied.

Not only scoring goals, success when making saves also has its own level of satisfaction. It's easy to level up – which is also easy to go down when you lose – if you win a lot of matches, it becomes a kind of additional motivation. Gamers are also given the opportunity to express themselves through the choice of word balloons. You can praise your opponent, get angry, and give the impression of calm by posting word balloons during a match.

Gamers can choose from three game modes namely single, double, and double hoop (like playing basketball). Each match is held for a duration of 2 minutes and can only be done online. Gamers can also take part in events provided by the developer. Each match will be rewarded with points that can be exchanged for selected items. All modes offer a different experience. If you want to play quickly and briefly to increase your level, playing singles is definitely an option. But if you want to experience collaboration and be patient, double play is inevitable.

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