Sing 2 (2021) Film Review: Drowning in Song


 Sing 2 becomes an entertaining family film. With stunning visuals and audio presentations, this film invites the audience to sing along and stomping along with popular songs. In addition, this film implies that magic and success can come through a sense of togetherness.

In this sequel, the center of the story is still Moon, the gray koala, in realizing his dream, while simultaneously channeling his ambition: holding a show in the city center. In this endeavor, the character, voiced by Matthew McConaughey, teamed up with his theatrical cast: Rosita (Reese Witherspoon), Meena (Tori Kelly), Jhonny (Taron Egerton), Ash (Scarlett Johansson), and Gunter (Nick Kroll) auditioning the performers "recklessly".

A story with characters from different backgrounds who have the same interests: singing and acting is presented with a portion that is quite fitting. The parts of the story are tied together effectively. Throughout these efforts, the story and the choice of songs fit together perfectly. Every emotion in the story can be represented by the strains of the song and the lyrics of the song. As a result, the audience gets a pleasant sensation when following the "acrobatic" Moon and friends in embracing their shared goals.

There are also inserts of humor that tickle. This belly shake scene managed to make the audience laugh. There are also parts of romance, action, and drama that adorn this film. The audience was also given an entertaining and attention-grabbing presentation because of the science-fiction theme that Moon's team tried to present when holding the show.

Compared to the first film, this film feels much faster when enjoyed. This is inseparable from the story in the previous film which has strengthened the characterization of each character. This film also managed to take advantage of the previous film in terms of characterizations that stuck in the minds of the audience. The addition of new characters also integrates with the story and can be developed in the next story if Sing 3 is worked on.

Unloading Messages

Sing 3 is not an animated fable that is burdened with message content. In addition, this film also does not insert moral messages in every scene. Sing 2 feels free from these burdens. Even so, the value of togetherness that is trying to be shown in this film summarizes a universal issue. Without togetherness, Moon and his friends will never be able to realize the individual and the collective.

Overall, Sing 2 delivers a memorable experience. This film can be an option to watch with the family. In addition, the director and writer, Garth Jennings, managed to maximize the previous story and explore the visual presentation and choice of songs. If we are immersed in the story, we will find ourselves in the characters in this film.

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