This is how Demi Moore has changed since 'Lieutenant O'Neil' ('GI Jane')


 No one imagined that the movie Lieutenant O'Neil ( GI Jane, in its original version) would be resurrected in the way it has been. Chris Rock's ill-fated joke at the Oscars, which led to Will Smith's slap in the face, has sparked interest in the title starring Demi Moore in 1997. A film that garnered a Razzie nomination for the American actress and seemed to have been more than forgotten.

Moore shaved off her hair to play Lieutenant Jordan O'Neil, who was determined to prove that she could pass the training to be the first woman in an elite unit of the Army: the Navy SEALs. This reference image was precisely the one used by Chris Rock to make a joke in bad taste about Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia, which led to Will Smith's unjustified violence. A tragic event that has at least served to dust off Demi Moore's filmography .

A successful start

After making his debut in 1981 with the film Decision , and achieving great international fame for his participation in the films Ghost (Beyond Love), A Witch in New York , Some Good Men , An Indecent Proposal or the series General Hospital , Moore He starred in the 1997 Ridley Scott film Lieutenant O'Neil .

A life linked to their sentimental relationships

It is this time that she would also begin to flirt with the world of celebrities and be chased by the paparazzi. Moore would marry rock musician Freddy Moore in 1980 . Her divorce came in 1985 as a result of her infidelities, the age difference and alleged substance abuse, among other problems. Just two years later , Bruce Willis would mark the life of the actress.

The arrival in his life of Bruce Willis

Willis and Moore met at the 1987 premiere of Stakeout , after her brief relationship with director Emilio Estévez. Since then, both became inseparable, in full boom of their popularity. The couple married in 1987 and together they have daughters Rumer Willis, Scout Willis and Tallulah Willis. The fights and jealousy would end up destroying their relationship in 2000. Although both continue to maintain a formidable relationship and constantly share moments together.

Its progressive decline

The failure of Lieutenant O'Neil would not prevent the actress from continuing to succeed in films like Taking Harry Apart (Woody Allen, 1997), Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (McG, 2003), Bobby (Emilio Estévez, 2006) or Margin Call (JC Chandor, 2011). However, her popularity began to decline and her career would be spaced out between titles.

Her failed relationship with Ashton Kutcher

In 2003 Ashton Kutcher came into her life, whom she married just two years later. Their relationship was always in the media focus due to the age difference between the two and the rumors about his constant infidelities. The relationship came to an end in 2011.

At this stage of her life, the actress would also begin to gain fame as a diva, with episodes such as her visit to the San Sebastián festival in 2007, where she had some friction with the organization of the contest and asked for financial compensation for parading on the red carpet. .

His descent into hell

The bad company of the actress, her lack of love and her irregular career led Moore to enter a detoxification center in January 2012 to treat her addiction to drugs and alcohol . Problems that had even caused her to miscarry. From then on, the actress would be reborn from her ashes.

The actress today

His current big roles came with the series Empire , Animals and Brave New World . This same 2022, the actress has appeared in the film Please Baby Please , along with Harry Melling, Andrea Riseborough and Karl Glusman.

At 59 years old, Moore continues to demonstrate her great relationship with her ex Bruce Willis, is still linked to the world of cinema and fashion, and supports her daughters' careers to the death. One of the best vital moments of her.

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