What did Chris Rock do after the Oscars? The reaction of the comedian after the punch of Will Smith


 The night of the Oscars 2022 could only talk about one thing: Will Smith 's slap to Chris Rock that eclipsed any of the night's awards. And while the movements of Will Smith after the gala where he received an Oscar award after punching another person live have been well documented, the lack of information about the other participant in the controversy is notorious: what did Chris Rock do after the hit?

The comedian's immediate reaction after taking the punch (and keeping his balance quite amazingly) was stupefaction like the rest of the mortals: "Man! That was a joke by Lieutenant O'Neil!" what Rock said to Smith while he was berating him after returning to his seat.

Immediately afterwards, in a remarkable exercise in composure, Chris Rock continued his presentation of the award for best documentary film, presenting it to Questlove for Summer of Soul and walking offstage. Since then, nothing more has been officially heard about Rock, nor has he made any statements about Smith's assault.

The Los Angeles Police Department issued a statement saying that Chris Rock had decided not to press charges against the actor, and there is photographic evidence that Denzel Washington was speaking with the two involved in the incident, although his message of calm has only spread to Will Smith. From Chris Rock's side, nothing is known. Only he kept his party plans planned for after the gala.

Chris Rock partying after the Oscars

Once his presentation of the Oscar for best documentary film was over, Chris Rock continued with his planned plan for the night. As in other evenings of the previous Oscars, the actor and comedian had planned to attend the after-party organized by Guy Oseary, the manager of Madonna and U2.

At the event, Rock participated in a photocall where guest stars had the opportunity to pose with giant black-and-white portraits of their own faces. An experience that has been immortalized on the Instagram profile of the artist and filmmaker JR, co-director of Faces and Places, Agnès Varda 's latest film .

In one of the photos, Chris Rock can even be seen posing with Oseary and JR along with other gala guests like Robert De Niro and Woody Harrelson. Surely they had a most interesting conversation about what happened. JR's caption for the gallery is: "Everyone loves Chris."











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