'Love is in the air': The scene that Kerem Bürsin refused to shoot with Hande Erçel


 It always happens. The secrets of filming or the curiosities behind the cameras of series or movies is always one of the great claims by his followers. Very recently, a secret was revealed about the recording of the Turkish series Love is in the air and its protagonists Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel.

The Turkish series ended its broadcast on September 8, 2021 and all those who got hooked on fiction are still waiting to see the new projects of its protagonists on their televisions. A series starring Bürsin called In the heart of the city will arrive on Mediaset very soon, but until then, there are still many details to discover about Love is in the air.

During the filming of the series' final season, Bürsin refuses to shoot a scene with his co-star and co-star Erçel. The reason? The actor asked the director of the chapter in question that he would replace him with a double during the sequence.

Kerem Bürsin's new series that you will see very soon in Spain hypothermic attack. Initially, the scene was designed to be closer and with shorter shots of the actors, however, this last minute change made the structure of the scene difficult.

Instead, it was decided to take a general shot from a distance so that the change of the actor for a double would not be excessively noticeable. As time goes by since the series premiered in Spain, the behind-the-scenes details gradually emerge, new anecdotes of the famous Turkish fiction that was so successful in Spain.

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