When and where will 'Lightyear' be streaming?


 Lightyear is breaking the recent trend of Pixar movies going straight to streaming by coming to theaters this June.

The Toy Story spin-off sees Chris . Evans voice a new version of the character who is a real space adventurer rather than a toy (similar to the Buzz we got in TV show Buzz Lightyear of Star Command).

Pixar may be bringing Lightyear to cinemas (making it the first of its films to do so since Onward in early 2020), but the movie will soon be available to stream online.

Exactly when the movie will be streaming, however, will depend on a number of factors.Where will Lightyear be streaming?Promo image for "Lightyear." The film comes to theaters this June.Disney

This part is easy: the Toy Story sequel will come to Disney+ after its theatrical window, following other recent Pixar movies like Turning Red, Soul and Luca, as well as all the Toy Story films so far.

Exactly how long that theatrical window will . be, however, is the question.When will Lightyear be streaming?

The official Disney+ release date has not been announced yet, but there are some big clues as to when the film will drop on the streamer.

Other film distributors like Paramount and Warner Bros. have said publicly that the gap between their films being in cinemas and on streaming has been set to 45 days. But Disney has been less willing to state the exact length of its windows.

This is mostly down to its Marvel movies. As Marvel movies are some of the few films that remain guaranteed bankers in cinemas, Disney has chosen to make the gap between them coming out in cinemas and on streaming longer than with other movies.

Eternals, for example, had a 68-day theatrical window. However, even Marvel have been moving towards a 45-day window. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness comes to Disney+ on June 22, 47 days after the movie came out (those extra two days being added on so that the film comes out on a Friday.)

Other Disney films, in contrast, have had shorter release windows. It took Encanto only 30 days to come to Disney+, for example.

However, unless Lightyear is a surprise flop, it seems likely that Disney will be giving the film a 45-day window. After all, the film is the continuation of Pixar's most . valuable piece of intellectual property, with a built-in fanbase that original movie Encanto did not have.

If the movie does have a 45-day cinematic release window, this will mean that Lightyear comes to Disney+ on . August 2, 2022. Should Disney want to wait until Friday again, the release date will be August 5.

Lightyear comes to cinemas this Friday.

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