“Adamas” (2022 Drama): Cast & Summary


 “Adamas” follows the story of twin brothers who try to uncover the murder of their stepfather.

The main characters in this drama are Ji Sung, Seo JiHye, and Lee SooKyung.

Ji Sung had lead roles in the dramas “The Devil Judge,” “Doctor John,” “Familiar Wife,” and “Defendant.”

Seo JiHye has appeared in dramas “Kiss Sixth Sense”, “Dr. Brain”, “Dinner Mate”, and “Crash Landing On You.”

Lee SooKyung has acted in dramas “Law School,” “Where Stars Land,” and “Ho Goo's Love.”

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Adam (2022)


Title : Adamas / Adamaseu / Adamas

Director: Park Seung Woo

Writer: Choi TaeKang

Network: tvN

Showtime: From 27 July 2022

# Episodes: 16

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Mystery

Korean language



"Adamas" is a fierce battle between twin brothers, who have the same appearance but opposite tendencies; Song SooHyun, who is after the real culprit in connection with the death of 



Ji Sung as Ha Woo Shin

Ha WooShin is a bestselling mystery novel writer. He is the youngest of the twins and his real name is Song WooShin. He is a writer who excels at describing psychological detective stories. With his calm tone, moderate sense of humor, and thoughtful personality, he appears to be a humanist, but he is a very rational person with a clear distinction between public and private affairs.

His greatest strength and most powerful weapon is his extraordinary insight. In addition, he enters 'Haesongwon', the heart of Haesong's group to steal 'Adamas', the murder weapon that caused his father's death.

Ji Sung as Song Soo Hyun

Song SooHyun is a special division prosecutor of the Central District Prosecutors' Office. He is the opposite of his twin brother Ha WooShin.  SooHyun has to become a prosecutor and achieve justice as his mother wanted, but he opens Pandora's box which takes him back 22 years to find the real culprit who killed his stepfather.

Seo JiHye as Eun HyeSoo

HyeSoo is the only daughter of a single Korean hospital director, and daughter-in-law of Haesong Group, a leading conglomerate. She was raised privileged with everything she wanted and needed. Although she fell in love with the second son of Haesong group, she was forced to marry her eldest son, Kwon HyeonJo.

HyeSoo is increasingly suffering from life as the daughter-in-law of the Haesong group. Every day he becomes more and more cynical and consumed by the poison he keeps for his family. When he got the chance to take revenge by helping Ha WooShin, he took advantage of the opportunity.

Lee SooKyung as Kim SeoHee

He is an ambitious person who will fight for what he believes in without being pushed back. In particular, when he was faced with injustice, he couldn't bear to look at it and acted as if a button had been pressed.

Due to the nature of the articles, he was often threatened and had to be careful while working. However, he didn't mind if it meant working in the best interests of those who deserved justice.

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