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 Next up on the album review block is Real Love, Oh My Girl's second studio album since their debut. It was released at the end of March. Leading the album is the title track which has the same name as the album and features eight additional tracks. While the release of Real Love is good news for fans, Real Love is also the last release to feature Jiho as a member, who left the group and their company (WM Entertainment for those wondering) following the album's release and related promotions. after the contract is over. All the best to Jiho for his future endeavors and to Oh My Girl as they transform into a six-member group.

As I wrote this review, I was wondering how best to summarize it for you in this initial paragraph. And my best idea would be to describe it as a 'fun experiment'. It sounds weird, but it's actually a mix of two different styles that Oh My Girl tried in Real Love. There are some songs that I actually describe (over and over) as fun, while there are also some songs that are experimental, unique and different from other artists. Do you have another way to describe the album? Let me know in the comments below after you finish reading my review for True Love.

1. Real Love (Title Track) – Click here to read the full review of Real Love. (8/10)

2. Drip – If you are listening to the song for the first time, you will notice that there are so many twists along the Drip. You won't know where the song is going, so it keeps you on the edge of your seat. This style may be disjointed, complicated and overkill for some, but I really like it. This pop chorus features catchy hooks and the lyrics feel very fashionable. I think there's room for the group to be bolder in some segments as some of them are relatively forgettable, but still it's a good track. (8/10)

3. Eden – Eden's opening acoustics sound pleasant, paired with the soft vocals of some of the members. But Eden doesn't stay acoustic all the way. Synths are streamlined and Eden features a pre-chorus with an interesting tempo, before moving on to a glitchy chorus. It's interesting that the glitchy synth and chorus don't detract from Eden's mellow and fun start. It's different overall, but really fun at the same time. The song repeats the same verse, pre-chorus and chorus arrangements described above. But after all this time, Eden still sounds fresh and original after all this time. (10/10)

4. Replay – Replay forgets the melody, but brings bass and rhythm to this amazing song. The replay gave rise to a voguing vibe, which I believe the previous group has approached on another side track from the top of my memory. But Replay feels just right for clubs and/or parties. The groovy, the sassy and the lean. And very catchy and memorable as a side track on this album. (10/10)

5. Parachute – Parachute feels like it's easy to switch places with True Love because it also digs into the disco pop genre. While the instrumental is good (I enjoy the buoyancy that steelpan brings to the instrumental), I find the vocals pretty generic and don't bring much excitement. Real Love toyed with vocals, which helped make it appealing to me, whereas Parachute was pretty straight forward. It's a bit disappointing that the vocals aren't as impressive, as I felt. (7/10)

6. Kiss & Fix – Kiss & Fix is ​​another fun and soft song on this album. I like the smooth playing of the drums in the instrumentation, as it helps set the soft tone of the track. Vowels also help in this regard. The best vocal performances came from Binne and YooA on bridge. That part of the song blew me away. The chorus follows a nursery-rhyme-chant-esque style that's catchy and easy on the ears. Another great song on the album. (9/10)

7. Blink – Switch to pop, Blink is a great track. It has fun instrumentation that doesn't catch you off guard or overwhelm you by going overboard. I enjoy the guitar on which this song is based. Feels hidden, but peeked enough for me to recognize it. The melody and vocals are also good and fun. The rap changes the momentum just enough and at the right time to keep the song from falling into an 'too consistent' state. Everything is fine with Blink. (8/10)

8. Dear Rose – Dear Rose is another fun song, although the instrumental and rap might not live up to this observation at first glance. I attribute the fun to the vocals, which are quite mellow and never deviate from how the song was first dstart. I also find that tenderness may emerge from the melody like other children's songs in which the lyrics are conveyed. The 'Pretty Little Rose' hook is also quite interesting. As for the instruments, we got dance synths fit for the club. And rap adds an edgy tinge to Dear Rose. The opposite of soft, but somehow Dear Rose makes it work. (8.5/10)

I love the bass thumping in the background, which adds so much depth to the song. Sailing Heart is also equipped with piano-centric instruments. And warm, drifty vocals are at the top. Interestingly, Sailing Heart doesn't have a swaying melody, as ad-libs are added throughout the song. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's not good. Sailing Heart still manages to captivate and end the album on such a beautiful note. (8/10)

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