Blackpink Out Of The Dungeon And Ready For Love


 Can I mention that the last time we reviewed a Blackpink song, we still had our old blog layout and format? It just feels so crazy to me and like a hundred years ago. Blackpink's hiatus is just ridiculous at this point and I hope as soon as the contracts run out, the girls leave the company and sue or something. Anyway, the girls were able to release a new single through several virtual concerts which I didn't even try to understand myself because the 3D avatars (which scared me, the girls looked good but also weird) and in game concerts were just weird to me. I'm about to pick up new music, so let's have a look at the reviews.

Thinking that Lovesick Girls was the last Blackpink title we got Ready For Love doesn't stray too far from that sound but combines a regular Blackpink sound with that one. Ready For Love is very melodic driven and the lyrics are beautiful but you can tell it's not a great comeback single because it feels so calm and safe enough. I'm not surprised to hear the drop led chorus, it's Blackpink after all, but it feels much smoother than usual, the beats aren't too loud and the girls harmonize. Ready For Love feels very Blackpink overall. I like Lisa's rap, I usually ignore the lyrics and Jisoo's bridge is good too. I'm fine with this.

I'm kind of satisfied with any Blackpink music at this point that makes me go soft on them but I don't care. I know this is YG's strategy but still… I can't help myself, also it makes me feel excited for what's coming next month! Hope the comeback is good.

I have to agree with Lina that BLACKPINK's hiatus is starting to get really ridiculous. You'd expect YGE to give them more solo music material in between but even that happens every blue moon and always in the form of an album or one. Considering they are the undisputed leader of the 3rd generation girl group of k-pop BLACKPINK, BLACKPINK deserves more and a very different kind of musical freedom. We're both really excited for their supposed comeback soon and hopefully it's going to be awesome. Let's review the little song we got today.

Ready for Love is honestly a lot of fun. It makes you realize that no matter how many groups try to pull off a girl crush sound and style, no one does it as well as BLACKPINK. It's the kind of generic pop music I can always listen to just to put myself in a certain mood or to relax and Ready for Love delivers on that. The chorus drop deserves much higher quality but BLACKPINK makes this more than just audible. I know people may argue with this, but one of the reasons BLACKPINK's songs always seem to work out in the end is because they're really great performers and have been able to sell me almost anything – that's something a lot of groups can do. new. on. It would have been nice if we got an actual music video for this, but that's how it is.

Ready for Love isn't anything revolutionary, but it's a great pop song to get us excited for our long-awaited comeback. On this note, I'd like to say that I listened to Playing With Fire and As If It's Your Last this month again and it made me realize that these two songs are really underdogs.

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