DanceSport Highlights ISAC 2022: Find Out Which K-Pop Idols Participate In This Category (Latest Update)


ISAC 2022 or the latest installment of the iconic MBC Idol Star Athletics Championship is the talk of the town, and K-Pop fans around the world are looking forward to the official broadcast of the Chuseok special episode in September. Meanwhile, some fans attended today's live recording of ISAC 2022 and shared the highlights on various online platforms.

This year, ISAC has introduced a new competitive category called “DanceSport”, which has attracted interest from fans around the world. For those who may not know, DanceSport is primarily competitive ballroom and Latin American dance but can also include several other styles. As this is a new category, fans are getting excited to see their favorite idol take on this new challenge.

The female participants in the DanceSport category at ISAC 2022 are Tsuki Billlie, SullYoon NMIXX, Kwon EunBi, and Xiaoting Kep1er. The male participants included DKZ's JaeChan, YOUNITE's EunSang, WEi's Kim DongHan, and P1Harmony's InTak. Each idol performs with a dance partner.

Among the male participants, at the time of writing, InTak has received 25.4 points, Kim DongHan has scored 25 points, EunSang has 24 points, and JaeChan has 22.9 points.

The highest overall score went to Kep1er's Xiaoting, who proved her mettle as a charismatic and skilled dancer. You can catch the full show when the episode officially airs in September!

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