DRIPPIN Back to being a Villain


 DRIPPIN hasn't let us down yet as the group has put out pretty solid material since their debut – as expected of the Woollim group. I'm really excited for this comeback because it promises something even bigger in terms of melody than previous titles (even though they were good) and I'm happy to say that my expectations were definitely fulfilled, from start to finish from Villain. DRIPPIN definitely make their own style and I'm all here for it so let's review the song properly.

The villains start off very strong with promising melodies and better instrumentals that set you up for all the plots that will follow. The lines are funky and solid, the pre-chorus is fun and fits the mood of the song well, but the real star of the song comes in the form of the chorus. It's relatively short and comes across as sort of a combination of The Boyz and Golden Child but that means it works really well. I have to say I was surprised by how well the rap parts after the first chorus fit into the song – it's rare to see a rap part not sticking out like a sore thumb in k-pop songs these days. The bridge and outro song is also well done and it's almost as if you're sad the song ends. I don't know who did those high notes near the end of the song but they were amazing. More than that, please.

The whole comeback concept, including the album, seems to be a rather futuristic funk style that I've always been looking forward to. DRIPPIN does this really well which makes for a very strong mini album as well. Switch seems to be the logical, perfect track to follow Villain on the album and it's a good one – it has the same vibe, instrumental and futuristic melody of the title that makes them a fantastic duo. Everyone sounds fantastic on all b's and honestly DRIPPIN needs more appreciation for the constant solids they put out.

Surprised even though my expectations were already high. On a side note, Young Blood ages like fine wine and I love going back to it.

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