Film Review: Falls, An Extreme Journey Atop a 2,000-Foot Tower That Ends in Disaster


 What would you do if you were stuck on top of a 2,000-foot radio tower far from a residential area for days? Yup, that's a little story that is trying to be described in the latest film entitled Fall. Even more frightening than imagined, while watching it, I often feel the tension, especially at times of risking my life. Curious about this survival & thriller genre film? Come on, see my review first!


A trip up a rocky high cliff that begins as a joy for lovers Dan and Becky and their best friend, Hunter, ends in disaster. A bad incident happened to Dan, causing him to fall off a high cliff and die. Deeply traumatized, Becky was down for days and was not excited to continue her life as usual. Until finally Hunter came to comfort Becky and at the same time invited her to try this extreme sport of rock climbing.

Too reckless, this time they will not climb the cliff in general. Hunter chose to climb a radio tower called the B-67 TV Tower, which is 2,000 feet tall, or roughly twice the height of the Eiffel Tower. Although their activities were considered frivolous, their real purpose was to sprinkle the ashes of soul Dan on the tower. This is what finally made Becky ventured.

Various bad omens along the way

It took 6 hours to drive from the city, the atmosphere when entering the old gate to the tower already felt less convincing. In the middle of the barren meadow, they saw the body of a dog who was still half conscious being gnawed by a flock of vultures. Taking it as the law of the jungle, Becky and Hunter then chased the birds away and continued their journey. In fact, Hunter, who is also a Youtuber, captured this unethical moment.

After years of neglect, the steel frame of TV Tower B-67 even looks rusty and wobbly. Sure enough, along the way a lot of bolts were loose and almost loose. Becky continues to work hard to fight her fear, while Hunter looks very optimistic and has no fear at all.

The Hunter who took the lead quickly reached the top, followed by Becky who was trying her best. Unfortunately, just a few more steps, Becky almost fell off the loose screw. With the help of Hunter who immediately pulled the safety rope, Becky finally made it to the top. However, due to the previous incident, the stairs that were the only way down also fell.

Not quite there, a bag containing drinking water and other equipment was also stuck at the bottom. In addition, the smartphone that was brought also had no signal up there. Their attempts to send a message of help were unsuccessful. So, what happened to Becky and Hunter? Will they be able to survive and come back down? You can find the answer by watching the Fall movie in theaters starting August 16, 2022, yes!

My opinion

While watching Fall, I just thought that this film would be more interesting to watch if you are tired of the monotonous routine and haven't felt the tension in a long time. Not without reason, this Scott Mann film puts many characters in tense situations that almost took their lives. As a viewer, I often get so excited that I want to get into the story and forbid Becky and Hunter from doing other reckless things.

Overall, this Fall has a very entertaining survival story and from all aspects it feels quite satisfying. Starting from the cinematography, scoring, plot, to the acting of the players. In fact, this film presents a bit of a twist that is quite interesting. Well, even so, I still feel there are some scenes that don't make sense and seem like they could have been packaged more appropriately. Like one of those gore scenes when Becky confronted a vulture that still felt heavy.

Oh yes, a disclaimer for those who have a phobia of heights, many scenes in this film may feel uncomfortable for you. However, if you want to watch suspenseful survival movies like Everest and Life of Pie, then this movie might be for you!

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