K-Drama 2021 – Our Peaks & Failures


 We have reached the end of our countdown and 2022 is just around the corner, feels weirdly fake but okay because my head is still vividly alive in 2019. I had a great K-Drama year, I almost finished my MDL watching challenge and I binged a lot of old dramas . During the last quarter of this year I had a bit of a slump but it was due to being overwhelmed with uni work I thought so I'd cut back on my slack but Una has thrived in K-Drama and it's really fun to watch. but you will see it in our upcoming review for 2022!

Now it's time to name some of my best K-Dramas of 2021 that I can't leave and stop thinking about. Our only rule for this list is that it has to be a 2021 drama and not an old drama we watched this year, and it has to be a full length drama not a web drama or special. We've also limited each play to three, so this list doesn't last forever! My picks start each list, but we decided to be able to comment on each selection too! Hope is reasonable. Let's go.

I may have watched more k-dramas this year than usual, but a lot of them weren't actually from this year. However, I ended up watching some of the drama while it was airing and it made for a very enjoyable experience (is anyone watching Melancholia now because of… a headache). 2021 is an interesting drama and I think I did the right thing by mostly watching things that Lina liked or that I thought suited me. There are phenomenal dramas, some are mediocre, and some are… not, especially if our expectations are high.

It will be fun to see what 2022 brings but until then let's take a look at our picks! Be sure to tell us yours of course.


Lina: I feel like we all knew this one would be here. What a disappointment this whole show was and people can keep telling me the unexplainable is a choice and that's why it's great and so much more meaningful than that. Like no, the first three episodes were really boring, nothing to get me involved in this show and I'm really excited for it. I waited months for this show to come out only to be this bad. A failure. (full review: here)

Una: Barely made it out of this postponed festival. To be fair, this really wasn't my cup of tea concept and idea, so I'm not too surprised I didn't like it and it barely worked. CGI also sent me.

You are my spring

I needed this to be Find me in your memory 2.0 with Kim Dongwook being loml but no, that's not it. It's okay I passed it but I won't remember this show in a year. (full review: here)

My Roommate Is a Gumiho

Lina: Funny thing is, I like these two lead actors, but together they don't. I really started not wanting to join this show but then I gave up and finished it. I'm just a little fed up with the kind of stories I think. I still don't understand how they have more chemistry off camera than on camera… So weird. God, I'm glad I'm done with this. (full review: here)

Doom is ready to serve you

Una: Admitting this with a heart that loves Seo Inguk, but this is my biggest disappointment of 2021. The amount of excitement and hype I had for this drama finally airing and for Inguk making his big comeback was completely wasted halfway. through. How do you have a great cast but don't give me plot wise? The premise is really interesting and I love fantasy themed shows but it keeps me fast forward through each episode. It took me a long time to work it out in the end because I had nothing to invest in but a side love triangle.  I hope the next Inguk project will be better. (full review: here)

Lina: Lol unlike Una, I actually quite enjoyed this one apart from the flaws. But yes, the side love story is much more interesting than our main story. Inguk still hot.


Lina: Anyone surprised to be here? Not me that's for sure! Vincenzo premiered before I started my master's program in April. It keeps me sane and keeps me company and keeps me alive every week to watch it over the weekend.To be honest, I've never enjoyed the show this much. I've also never missed this many shows that I almost rewatched them all. Best drama of 2021. (full review: here)

Una: Hold this drama to me, Lina and my mother… Madness. I had a shaky start with Vincenzo because the first three episodes left me confused – the plot seems to be going really slow and Hong Cha Young's over-the-top antics isn't my thing, but boy, things just got better. I wish I was kidding when I said my mom said oh let's re-watch Vincenzo every time we can't pick something new to watch. This is funny. Either way, the cast is amazing, the plot is incredibly stable, the chemistry between everyone is phenomenal and the number of times you'll want to punch the villain and kiss the lead is limitless. Joining Lina to say this is the best drama of 2021 without a doubt.

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