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 It's time to review another Stray Kids release. But it's not new. This will be delayed until the other Stray Kids Korean releases that have passed so far this year are completed. Instead, prioritize the sidetrack from Stray Kids' sixth mini album ODDINARY, which has been treated as a music video, ahead of the album reviews I was looking for (and hopefully posted later this week). Last week I covered their song VENOM. This review focuses on the album's fourth track, Release FREEZE.





FREEZE is a very aggressive and aggressive track (if not one of the most aggressive and aggressive tracks ever) and goes well with Stray Kids. I'm sure these are the first words that come to most people's minds. I also feel bold, dynamic and full of energy. The latter two are not included in the group's first track on the album. So I really enjoy something like FREEZE. EDM is definitely very powerful and I really like the chorus trap element. It's very interesting and certainly embodies all the adjectives used so far in the review (and maybe even takes it to the next level). I'd also describe it as a big picture of FREEZE for balancing. It's an interesting choice of words for an EDM track like this, but I never noticed that the synthesizer and texture overload were so overwhelming. As always, the rapper definitely stands out in this song. They are rugged and rugged, complementing the sharp nature of the song. The vocals help provide a bit of reassurance, and I love the way they hold up in the synth. They can be easily slipped and suffocated by the synthesizer. I love the subtlety of the finish and the contrast is a highlight for me. I thought the ending was a bit sudden, but I understand that due to the nature of the song, a sudden ending is necessary. There's no point in picking up the fade-out at the end. If anything, I wish the hooks were thicker. That's the only element I think is missing in FREEZE. Mainly because it relies heavily on instrumentals for its memorable elements.





In this music video, the group can be seen chasing a gangster in a lab coat. Half of the Stray Kids infiltrated the gathering with the gang and the other half listened in near the gathering. I don't know if the group is like the police, but based on the cruel consequences, I don't think so. An epic shootout has taken place (although I'll explain that's impossible), and the rushing members will provide backup. But gangsters in lab coats manage to catch them all and tie them up. The gang then leaves the group alone in the warehouse. I don't know why no one is watching, but that's okay. Stray Kids have discovered a green chemical that seems to be causing trouble in the media (see the Korean newspaper article at the beginning. I think the white robe gang is behind such attacks.). Then they confront the gangsters, use green chemicals against them, and end up causing their very powerful warehouse fire. However, the ending is a bit confusing. While posing with a gun, I.N laughs and closes the video in a slightly suspicious way (like he's teasing Stray Kids). I don't know if this indicates that Stray Kids is after the wrong people. Apart from the plot, there are some really good visual effects, especially in the gunfights.

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