Stray Kids Is Rumbling Again And We're Here For Him


 They released the first teaser for NOEASY over a month ago I think, crazy but smart on JYP's part. They know what they're doing to get those pre-orders, I mean let's go millions of sellers. In other news, I'm as usual really excited for another SKZ comeback, as a pre-debut booth, they've come a long way even though their fandom has grown into something I dread. Help. Still the prospect of new SKZ music is always good and they kill it in Kingdom even if I don't feel all their songs. WOLFGANG still gives me nightmares. But after Back Door and God's Menu, which are pretty legendary and I'm getting more and more into both songs, Thunderous doesn't seem to be coming fast enough. And it was a pleasant surprise (Gee, Chan looks pretty good).

I love that SKZ is so embracing their noise tag. I mean I'm still waiting for Miroh 2.0 but we may never get it. Thunderous fits perfectly with its two predecessors as it shares the same vibe as God's Menu and Back Door. The lyrics have more of a melody, with a strong rap yes, but Seungmin carries that melody on his back! It's also really nice to see Minho get this much screen time and flex his vocals. Thunderous is much more melodic than I expected from the teaser, the pre-chorus is frankly stunning, the chorus is still full of attitude and shouty but it works. Thunderous is another angst song and I respect it. Stray Kids has always followed the same vibe in the title track for their trilogy and the consistency is great. Still, I hope the next comeback will be something new, not because I don't like Thunderous but it's time for a change. For now, it's working for them and I can't complain.

The music video is still stunning as usual. I love traditional elements, boys look good and I never knew I needed Chan's flaming ginger and Lee Know's beret. Also, Jongin shouldn't look this good, that's a kid! Stay Kids never goes out of style with its visuals. Also very, very happy to see Hyunjin, he really shines! Also, how many appearances does Felix have here? Damn son!

This album is very difficult to pass in one listen with 14 songs – NOEASY. I like to spend time with new songs especially full albums and so I haven't listened to all of them yet but I've started listening and noticed to my delight that we're getting in addition to more hype songs, some really good slow SKZ songs. For now my favorites are DOMINO, The View, Star Lost, Red Lights, and Silent Cry. The unit's songs are also very much needed. HAN as a vocalist is still my favorite on planet earth!

Stray Kids haven't made me proud, I'm glad to see how far they've come. *wiping tears*

I'm really excited for this comeback because no one provides hype music like Stray Kids and they confirmed it again. I really enjoyed God's Menu and Back Door, even loved their Kingdom release Wolfgang which ended up being one of my biggest moral support songs of the year for some reason. What I'm trying to say is that this kind of style only SKZ can pull off at this point and it's really interesting to see a group find its unique sound and something that makes you think ah, yeah, this is a Stray Kids song in the first place. few seconds to hear. Not everyone succeeds in doing this and I appreciate that they embrace what others use as insults to their advantage. Say what you want, but Stray Kids and NCT have made a style for themselves and they stick with it no matter what.

3RACHA really works hard and somehow still has the energy to kill him every time. I may be in the minority in today's reviewer community, but I really like this. Thunderous plays on a lot of what the group has done in their previous two comebacks while still giving us something new and different and embracing the scream-like style they've been doing for a while now. The song starts off strong from the start and continues the same way until the absolutely stunning pre-chorus kicks in. I think this is probably one of SKZ's best pre-choruses in a while and really helps the melody of the song. song because as soon as that bombastic chorus comes in, things get a little wild. However, like their previous releases, Thunderous's chorus is somehow still coherent and interesting enough to make sI want to hear it again. This review turned out to be much more positive than usual.

I just wanted a song like this today and it's been a fun ride once again with SKZ. Even though the parts are very different, the song remains cohesive until the end and I really enjoyed it, all the parts somehow come together to create one whole. Another thing I love is the attitude on your face SKZ seems to have come because their songs and performances have improved so much from that – you can't perform songs in this style without going a little wild. The music video follows the song's unwavering energy and everyone looks absolutely stunning. This might be one of their best visual eras in my opinion, but it could also be because Lee Know is in a lot of music videos and that... see. His existence is a display in itself but there's just something about a confident Minho that does it here for me. Felix, once again, pulled all looks and kicked us all in the face.

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