TAN Starts Walking On The Moon


 Tan is here to redeem themselves with a super-fast comeback. You may remember I was a fan of the boys' debut song because it offered something new and melodic. Unfortunately their first comeback Louder ruined it all for me and hurt my ears but they came back after a month with our version of the album and honestly completely redeemed themselves for me. Walking On The Moon is a fantastic comeback and makes me want to pretend Louder doesn't exist. Let's take a look.

Am I the only one who notices the homoerotic romance that takes place in the music video? Not? Good because I'm here for it. Anyway, Walking On The Moon is a fantastic song. I get all the second gen vibes from it and the sweet, sweet melodies we always crave. Yes Walking On The Moon is much quieter than Louder but Louder just burns my ears with all the screaming. Walking On The Moon feels like a more calm and contented sister. Tan shows off their harmonies and vocals in this, giving us a catchy chorus – even if it's drop-driven – and making it a wholesome experience. This song feels like a breath of fresh air to me and I'm listening to my fourth and absolutely love it! Tan please stay like this and pretend Louder never happened.

The rest of the album is absolutely fantastic. I get a few Big Bang vibes here and there and I love it. Especially Singing with you won me over to a fantastic song. It's crazy to me how a group can make a comeback in a month and bring different results. It's K-Pop craziness I guess. Tan gave me more than this.

I have to agree with Lina that TAN's DU DU DU was a fantastic release and brought us so much of the old school k-pop vibe that we've been missing so much lately. It's always nice to have a boy group give us actual melodies and choruses that we can remember instead of the instrumental songs we've grown tired of. TAN is a group you should watch out for because they definitely have potential and they are showing it again with this comeback and the melody of Walking on the Moon as you will see in today's review.

Walking on the Moon is not something innovative but very solid and fun. There's some really fantastic back vocals going on throughout the song and especially during its final minutes. Looks like TAN knows how to use their vocals well and they bring us melodies that are very solid and good to enjoy. My favorite part of this song is definitely the second part of the chorus (which has stuck in my head) or the bridge part both of which set the right mood. TAN is bringing back the old fashioned k-pop feel with this release and I'm glad they did because it sounds fresh among all the current trends in the industry. The song also has a very catchy two-part pre-chorus which isn't something we hear very often. I wish the instrumental chorus had taken a different approach as it sometimes clashed with the vocals but was still fine. Overall, it's a very sweet and melodic release and I love it.

The album is short but good. It's clear that melody is ahead of this comeback and that's nice to have, the b-side offers us some slower vibes too. I like Lina's already highlighted song but I also really like Midnight's other b-sides. You all know I'm a sucker for slower-sounding old songs and Midnight is exactly that. It has beautiful instrumentals above all (eventually some piano) and an equally beautiful chorus that really works for me. Give me all the vocals and nostalgic vibes boy. The rap part of the song also really surprised me because it brought me back to second generation k-pop (reminds me of BEAST) and I'm here for it. I kinda fell in love with this song.

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