The Bad Guys is an old school crime drama with an interesting psychopath


 My mom was home for a few days, so we decided to spend the evening watching a drama that has been on our list of favorites for quite some time. The Bad Guys seemed perfect for this short stay. All 11 episodes last about an hour, the action and plot moves very quickly, and you are instantly immersed in the story. The premise initially appealed to us – a special unit made up of convicted criminals who solved other crimes? Sounds like an awesome vehicle, and Bad Guys is just that. It is ancient, but very interesting to read in the review below.

From MyDramaList: To combat the rising violent crime, the police chief asks detective OhGooTak to form a team of criminals. Detective Oh Goo Tak is currently suspended by the police for using excessive force. Detective Oh Gutak gathers team members: gangster Park Eun-chul, the youngest serial killer with extraordinary intelligence, Lee Jung-mun, and assassin Jeon Tae-su. Inspector Yoo Mi-young also joins the team. He tries to make them work as a team by treating them fairly and sometimes emotionally.

If it were a movie, The Bad Guys would be met with action and crime movies. The approach is very old-fashioned, and some might argue that the characters come across all sorts of typical crime stereotypes, but for some reason, if the drama or the cast all work out. There's so much graphic and violent action you could expect, so if that's not your thing, I don't think this is going to be the drama for you. But the whole premise of these criminals, one of which is a serial killer, was put together by the mysterious and apparently very evil detective Oh Goo Tak, and I will give it a try. I'm very interested in that. Oh Goo Tak is the character that bothers me the most. It's a little late, but I have to say without missing anything that I'm glad that his actions have affected me. It's clear that the demon is making the most of it, and what we're seeing now is a shell of the man and he's a former detective. But be prepared to be frustrated.

The detective trio may be the highlight of this drama, but one of them really let me down after the story unfolded. The legendary Ma Dong-seok who played Eun-chul was very good. He really portrayed the guy in the best possible way, and while I'm usually not very fond of that, I loved the action scenes. He just makes them fun and thrilling to look at. Jo Donghyk as TaeSoo is the first resident hot water bottle player. Because he punched and he could see left and right. The rugged look of the buzz cut seemed much better to him. Tess is a little more suspicious to me as a character. Because even if he quickly found out that he had killed someone and went to the police station himself, the whole story behind it would be dragged to the end and confusing. I lost half the time. I can't say I didn't cry like a baby because of him in the last few episodes when we came to see the crew in front of his prison.

Well, the title of the review has already told you that the biggest star in mom and I was our resident serial killer who just killed… well, about 15 people. Great Park Hae Jin as Psychopath Lee Jung Mun has been stealing the show all the time, but it makes sense since he noticed it quite early (for some reason they tried to plot it). show), he is involved in the main plot of the drama. The problem is that they almost caught him without any major evidence, but the testimony and the fact that he scored 38/40 on the psychopath test, and the whole drama blows you away. Masu-Is this so quiet, so gloomy, very intelligent person really behind all of this? I think this is the most thrilling aspect of the drama for me. It really kept us moving because we needed to know what was going to happen next and what evidence to find next.

The unit is not your typical unit. They are clearly wary of each other and everyone is hiding their secrets, but there is a kind of comrade among the three villains that is interesting to observe. It's even more interesting that they can appear much more rational and loyal until they have more concrete evidence than our detectives. This brings me to the truly awful personality of inspector Mi Young. This is not Kang Ye Won's best acting. Not only did he give me a CSI: Miami Calleigh Duquesne level of violence, but he actually wondered if he was stupid. This character disaster is partly not Kang Ye Won's great performance, partly behind the screenwriter.Or invest zero effort in this potentially cool character. He can do a lot more than someone switching sides every minute and takes five episodes to really dig into something.

Overall, I think it's the best way to get around this, so without sacrificing anything, Bad Guys is fast, engaging, and thrilling. If you have the time and the synopsis looks like yours, this is a drama that could have been completed in just two days or so. Please try. Both mom and I agreed to give 8.5/10. However, Park Hae Jin had it. Worth keeping an eye on him if nothing else.

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