The K-POP Releases We Missed – Weekly Summary of the Last Week of July


 Where did you go in July? The month has passed and the heatwave has made us boil. At least this month, it was much stronger in terms of release. In addition, there are 1000 posts on the blog, which is an epoch-making event. Let's take a look at this week's releases, which are not covered in individual reviews.

BUMKEY – Unique Pt.2

Lina: Kids are so cute wtf.

Una: Funny lol.

NewJeans – sick

Una: It's very clean and cool.

Lina: funny. I can't believe everyone is so young.

Loco & Hwasa-Someone!

Lina: This is a really cool and fun summer collaboration! I like it.

Una: I am very happy that my parents have met again. They definitely know how to convey a cold tone.

Omega X – stand up

Una: Omega X honestly isn't starting to fall behind. Melody king.

Lina: This is so much fun. Omega X exists.

KB – Free

Lina: It's crazy, interesting and a plus for being gay. I'm here for this.

Una: Everyone doesn't know. At first I was obsessed with the beginning of Yujeong, and now is this absolute groovy masterpiece falling? Keep this song away from me for now because I'm going to overplay it until I get bored. The chorus is great, and the combination of slow rap and vocals works mysteriously here. These two songs are part of my favorite releases of the year, so I hope you all know that they will be appearing on the year-end list. Also, I'm really excited to see the continuation of the Begin!

Hezz – Churup!

Una: Very funny music video. My girl is dressed as a SHINee light stick and that's the vibe. Other than joking, this is really funny.

Lina: Oh, this is great! I love the colors and the vocals he says honestly.

Sunye-just a dancer

Lina: This is Bapprokey.

Una: First of all, I love the color palette of the music video. There is something about golden lightning that reaches me every time. groovy and smooth bop.

CSR Pop? pop!

Una: It's so cute and fun! The chorus definitely hits the sweet spot of the early third generation melodies.

Lina: Did I think I was the only one singing in Japanese at first? Lovelyz 2.0 is here. After all, they are here to give us the melodies and fantasy sounds we don't quite get. The whole album is great.

Karankor – You.F.O

Lina: Now she looks good! Anyway, I love this!

Una: Miss Nicole came to the assassination as expected! I love the cute little purple outfit she has in the video. What a fun and beautiful summer track!


Una: At least they're still friends, that's good. First of all, my son Big Naughty makes a great look and sound here like the king he is in. Second, JAY B's part is a treat.

Lina: I can't believe Jae B left a slap.

Yujufort's Big Prank – Night

Lina: He's great, but what about the atmosphere in the coffee shop? It's summer Yuju!

Una: Big jokes everywhere, my people's rent has to be paid. While joking, I agreed with Lina. It's puzzling why Yuju chose such a style and sound at the end of July instead of giving him a summer's peril. He sounds great as usual, and I really like the music video.

Choi Soo Wan-Chance

Una: Lina, I did a quick background check, and this person is a contestant on Produce X 101 and seems to be 28th overall. This song speaks to me in every way – I listen.

Lina: I'm not entirely sure who this is, but it's not too bad. It's very cool and moody.

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