10 new movies to watch Queue to theaters September 2022


 new movie in theaters

It's time to update the program for a new film - a great film in September 2022, where the heat of film form might ease off a bit. But there is moisture in the middle of the rainy season to help the huge leather army that continues to serve Featured in Thai films, Asian films, and Hollywood films. that we've selected 10 great movie programs to recommend to each other, clearly confirms that this is the movie not to be missed this month.

Night Bear Slaughter

The World Kills People

Genre: Comedy / Thriller

Cast: Sanantachat Thanaphatpisan, Phattha Changnern, Chanakan Arpornsuthinan

Directed by: Lee Thongkham

Release date: September 1, 2022

Duration: 96 minutes

under the mask of a hidden bear will carry a destiny that changes their lives forever. A 'secret' that no one else wants to know. A story that no one else wants to see. Watched by a pair of eyes in this closed place The story of a group of friends who decide to spend a vacation together In a house in the middle of a big forest But the story is not as fun as they think. because they are constantly staring at something And as more time passes what they are trying to hide will be revealed A new thrilling chase in a sealed location as it begins to take shape Can they escape? Or will you be able to stand up and fight it?


Type: Action

Cast: Lee Jung Jae, Jung Woo Sung, Jeon Hye Jin

Directed by: Lee Jung Jae

Release date: September 1, 2022

Duration: 125 minutes

Park Pyong Ho and Kim Jong Do both served as national security personnel. His work performance is quite stable and has been accepted by many parties. But it seems the situation has changed. When North Korean secret spies enter the South Korean side Forcing them to open fire and investigate the hidden truth, what exactly is it?

Love Loei 101

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Cast: Petchatai Wongkhamlao, Darapat Thaweenan

Director: Watcharapong Pattama

Release date: September 8, 2022

Duration: 95 minutes

What happens when the Big Red Police take over Angel Pat's heart. The beginning of love that should not have happened between two people of different ages. amidst society-oriented "fits" in their relationship, this is true, pure love, or just superficial love that fate brings them both to face.


Character Six Magic

Genre: Drama / Thriller

Cast: Mario Maurer, Thaksorn Phaksukcharoen, Pakorn Chatborirak, Khemanit Jamikorn

Directed by: M.L. Phanthevanop Devakun

Release date: 15 September 2022

Length: - min.

The provincial beauty queen, perfect as a woman. and married a big young billionaire to have a 1 year old son who is the only heir to the family But then he must be punished. "Adultery with a man" with her husband's handsome young secretary. He was kicked out of the mansion and barred from seeing his "son" for 20 years.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

More Fun Stuff Version

Genre: Action / Adventure

Cast: Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon

Directed by: Jon Watts

Release date: 15 September 2022

Duration: 159 minutes

For the first time in film history, Spider-Man became the number one superhero loved by people all over the world. After revealing his true identity The great responsibility of being a superhero Conflict with Da living an ordinary life and putting his loved ones in danger So he goes to ask Doctor Strange for Help to use magic. Let everyone forget the true identity of Spider-Man, but then an accident occurs during Ta's spell to affect the Multi-Universe. Unleashing the monsters that once fought Spider-Man across the universe, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) must face this huge obstacle. Add an extra to the fully incorporated Peter multiverse scene.

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