Considered Suitable For All Photoshoot Concepts, Vogue Korea Floods V BTS With Praise


Ahead Of The Publication Date For Their October Issue, Vogue Korea Has Released Special Content For Their October Issue's Cover Model, Kim Taehyung.

Korean Vogue Magazine recently praised BTS 's V as a "textbook for male idols" for his ability to master any fashion concept. Ahead of the publication date for their October issue, Vogue Korea has released special content for their issue's cover model, Kim Taehyung.

After describing him as an "icon of an era," Vogue Korea released an article entitled "BTS V's Fashionable Moment" which provides a more in-depth look at why Taehyung's fashion makes him stand out among his peers. 

Even though fashion has no rules, that doesn't mean everyone can look good in everything. Vogue Korea praised Taehyung's amazing ability to digest any fashion style that other people face. Taehyung's outstanding visuals, combined with his strong confidence and demeanor, are a powerful combination that allows him to pull off difficult fashion concepts using materials such as fur, ruffles, sequins, and leather.

"He is an icon of our time who can handle any style with his own pose and attitude, just like his handsome appearance," wrote Vogue Korea. The first look mentioned is Taehyung's style during the "DNA" era, which remains the "Textbook for male idols". He wears a large shirt with tie, earrings, and bandana for most of the show. "V is the member who attracts the most attention among them," added Vogue Korea.

Next is the luxurious outfit she wore for her solo song "Singularity". In both the MV and the show, Taehyung wears luxurious materials such as fur coats, vintage velvet, and jackets reminiscent of the Victorian atmosphere of luxury and luxury. 

In addition, Taehyung is known for his love of suits, and the clothes he wears to official events are also mentioned. He often changes his style to suit different concepts. V has worn "more flashy" and colorful styles such as the green suit, retro "Dynamite" suit and unconventional blue Louis Vuitton suit.

While mentioning more recent events, Taehyung's appearance at the CELINE event for Paris Fashion Week last June was included where V was praised by various fashion media for attracting a 'never-before-seen' crowd and becoming the main event, despite only attending as a personal guest of Hedi Slimane. While in his interview with American men's fashion magazine VMAN, Taehyung confirmed that he had prepared his own clothes for the event.

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