Felix Pens Stray Kids A Letter Expressing Gratitude To STAY For Respecting His Privacy In Australia


 Stray Kids had a hectic schedule this year while touring Asia and North America on their MANIAC world tour.

The group recently returned from completing 19 shows, 16 of which were completed in less than two months.

Before they ended their tour with a special two-night concert in Seoul starting on September 17, the members enjoyed a well-deserved rest, including an important trip for members Bang Chan and Felix.

Stray Kids' Felix shared with fans earlier this week that he's back in Australia for the first time in years and is spending precious time with his family and friends.

Fans were already happy to know he was back home after a long time away, but they were even more emotional when Felix went live on TikTok and revealed that Bang Chan was also with him in Australia!

Bang Chan was also there to visit his family and melted hearts when he went live with his family dog ​​Berry and showed his sweet bond with his sister, Hannah.

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Fans who saw Felix walking around Sydney reported seeing him with his parents and younger sister Olivia, and the latest news from Felix shows him enjoying food and spending time outdoors. STAYs are very careful to protect Felix's privacy and let him enjoy his time with his family, getting the attention of the idol himself.

Upon arriving back in Korea, Felix took to Instagram to show his appreciation for the love shown by his family and friends and the efforts made by STAYs to give him the space and privacy to make the most of his short trip home.

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