Gurumi Leaks Faces Of Men Who Accompany BLACKPINK Jennie & V BTS Dating In Jeju


 The Figure Who Spreads Photos Of Jennie And V's Dating Has The Initials Gurumi Haribo. In His Latest Post, Revealing The Reason For Continuing To Upload Personal Photos Of The Two Idols.

K-Pop fans are now busy highlighting the circulation of private photos allegedly belonging to Jennie BLACKPINK and V BTS allegedly dating on Jeju Island. There are four photos released by a figure with the initials Gurumi Haribo, one of which shows V kissing Jennie's forehead.

While leaking the four photos, Gurumi Haribo also provided information that sweet photos of Jennie and V were taken by a man named Lee Joo Hyung (Twozoobrother). Not only that, the photo spreader also shared the man's face.

Gurumi Haribo released a photo of a man taking a picture with a cat and a woman with orange hair. The photo spreader said that the 3 figures were Jennie, Twozoobrother and the idol's beautiful cat.

This leak of Gurumi Haribo's information has made fans actively look for who Lee Joo Hyung really is. According to fans, Lee Joo Hyung has been friends with Taehyung (V's real name) since 2014. Now the man is also friends with Jennie.

The circulation of this alleged photo of Lee Joo Hyung immediately made fans argue. There are those who say that the man was probably the one who spread the photos of Jennie and V but many also said that Lee Joo Hyung could also be a victim of hackers.

On the other hand, Gurumi Haribo had previously revealed the reason for continuing to upload personal photos of V and Jennie on Telegram. "That's what happens when ARMY (as BTS fans) provoke ME and involve innocent people," wrote Gurumi.

"And all of you should stop saying, 'Taehyung's feet aren't dirty like this. Jennie doesn't have a $4 USD cell phone protector like this. XY looks like she's a fake. In the end, you really insult the people you claim to support!" he added.

Meanwhile, until now, YG Entertainment and HYBE have not taken firm action on the leaking of personal photos belonging to Jennie and V. The two agencies previously revealed that, "It is difficult to confirm because it is the private life of the two artists."

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