How Many Calories in a Bottle of Whiskey


 When it comes to counting calories, many people know that alcohol is not the best choice.

Quitting beer, for example, is often the key to weight loss.

But what about whiskey? How many calories does whiskey have? Is it as bad for our bodies as other types of alcohol?

Although whiskey does have calories, it turns out that this alcoholic beverage does not contain as many calories as other types of alcoholic drinks.

In fact, whiskey does contain fewer calories than the same amount of beer and even wine.

So, whiskey is actually one of the better choices of all the calorie-dense alcohols.

How many calories in whiskey

Alcohol has often been associated with high calorie counts and adverse health effects. However, this is mainly due to the mixer that sometimes comes with it. However, whiskey consumed without additional blending will have a very small amount of carbohydrates and zero fat or protein. Quoted from the Whiskey Raiders page, after distillation and filtering, only alcohol remains along with water and congeners, which give whiskey both its aroma and taste.

So the calories increase with the strength of the bottle, depending on its ABV (alcohol by volume). While the average glass of whiskey contains about 105 calories, not all whiskeys are equal. For example, a 140 proof whiskey will have significantly more calories than an 80 proof bottle.

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