How to cook chicory for uric acid so that the nutrients are not lost


The benefits of chicory for gout are believed to be good because of the low purine content.

This vegetable is also low in calories and contains many other nutrients that can help in maintaining uric acid levels in the body. As in the high content of antioxidants that can provide protection from diseases caused by free radicals. The content of vitamin A in chicory is also important to help the body excrete purine levels through urine. As well as several other nutrients such as vitamin B3, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B6, iron and others that can control uric acid and relieve joint pain.

How to process chicory for gout

So that the efficacy of chicory for uric acid is maximized, vegetables that have a slightly sweet taste can be processed in several ways. But the most important thing to note is the cooking process so that the nutritional content is not lost. Here are some ways to process chicory for gout, as reported by The Spruce Eats.

Don't eat the bottom

The edible part of chicory is the leaves to the stem, but not at the base. Apart from being thick in size so it takes longer to ripen, the base also has a slightly bitter taste.

The most appropriate way before processing it is to take the stems and leaves, then split them in half and the chicory can be cut into small pieces before processing.

Eaten raw

To get the benefits of chicory for gout, it can also be eaten raw or used as a complement to salad dishes. White mustard contains a lot of high water, and tastes sweet. Before being used as a salad mixture, the chicory must be cleaned with clean water under running water. This is because this vegetable has several segments in its stems and leaves that allow dirt or soil residue to be tucked in that part. Make sure the washing process is really clean, or if necessary use vegetable washing liquid so that it can kill germs and viruses that are still attached.

Sauteed chicory

White mustard is very popular cooked by sauteing. The cooking process on medium heat and a short time allows the texture of the chicory to remain crispy and the sweetness to come out more. Avoid cooking until the chicory is very wilted, because the nutritional content may be lost due to excessive heat.

Make soup

Just like green mustard, cabbage, or other vegetables with a crunchy texture, chicory can also be processed as an additional ingredient for various types of soups.

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