Kim Go Eun Gets Vlog Tips From Park Ji Hu, Peek At The Anxious Interaction Outside The Drama 'Little Women'


 Even though they are not filming 'Little Women', Kim Go Eun and Park Ji Hu exude the energy of a pair of adorable sisters when discussing modern vlogging tips.

Kim Go Eun plays Park Ji Hu's eldest sister in tvN's new weekend drama, "Little Women". Not only in dramas, it turns out that the two beautiful actresses exude adorable sibling energy outside of filming.

Recently, Kim Go Eun through her agency's YouTube channel BH Entertainment released a vlog on the set of "Little Women". In the vlog, Kim Go Eun showed off her interactions with other players such as Choo Ja Hyun to Park Ji Hu.

When asked about vlogging tips to Choo Ja Hyun, Kim Go Eun did not get enlightenment because they both lacked experience. However, with Park Ji Hu, he gained new knowledge. As is known, young people like Park Ji Hu are more familiar with vlogging activities.

When filming themselves together, Park Ji Hu advised Kim Go Eun to do an "editing point" by covering the camera with her hands before switching scenes. Then when opening a new scene, Park Ji Hu taught Kim Go Eun to keep her hands away from the camera.

"I also studied like this. Do this and appear like this," said Park Ji Hu. "This is called editing point. (Closes camera) like this, and 'Ta-da' appears like this."

After getting tips from Park Ji Hu, Kim Go Eun commented, "I heard you do a lot of vlogs. Four, huh? So you're an expert right?"

Next, Park Ji Hu suggested Kim Go Eun to do the content "Get Ready With Me". Like real brothers, they share useful tips for creating content that fans love. Park Ji Hu hopes that Kim Go Eun can show her how to apply makeup for photo shoots and so on.

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun and Park Ji Hu both appeared in "Little Women" as the Oh sisters. Kim Go Eun plays the eldest Oh In Joo who is obsessed with money, there is Nam Ji Hyun as the middle child Oh In Kyung who works as a reporter, and Park Ji Hu the youngest Oh In Hye who has a talent for painting.

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