Never Glow Up, NCT Hendery's Visual Since Childhood Until Now Is Amazing


Fans Were Captivated By The Visuals From NCT's Hendery Or WayV Which Have Been Extraordinary Since They Were Young Until Now. Are You The Same?

The visuals of K-Pop idols are not uncommon for fans to talk about. It's not surprising considering that idols usually have very charming looks.

This time, NCT 's Hendery or WayV is the talk of fans on social media. This is because a fan shared a portrait of Hendery's growth from childhood to adulthood via Twitter .

Hendery's visual looks not much different from his childhood until now. Hendery looks more mature with his face getting tougher with age.

Fans revealed that the handsome idol born in 1999 didn't feel like " glow up " at all. The reason is, he already looks handsome even before his debut.

Hendery's own family is also said to have stunning visuals. Hendery's three older sisters are no secret if they are very beautiful.

" From the embryo it's so beautiful, it's a shame I've never felt glow up, " said one fan. " A beautiful family, all of them, " said another. " My prince has been handsome since he was born, " said another. 

" Handsome since the embryo, " another exclaimed. " It seems like the visual distribution is the committee, because there are a lot of them, " explained another. " It's not surprising that the cici2nya just miss Macau, huh, " said another. " Handsome from an early age, bro, " said another.

Meanwhile, Hendery himself is expected to make a comeback with WayV after more than a year since the release of "Kick Back". This allegation is further strengthened by Winwin who has returned to South Korea after almost 2 years of undergoing a solo career as an actor in China.

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