Not yet 20 years old, this is Kazuha LE SSERAFIM's stylish way to avoid sexy outfits


 Kazuha LE SSERAFIM looks dazzling and elegant while promoting new collections of famous brands through her personal Instagram account, the outfit turns out to be more closed this way.

Kazuha LE SSERAFIM is one of the successful rookie idols in the spotlight today. Not surprising considering Kazuha has impressive visuals and is considered to display impressive charisma.

In a matter of months since its official debut, well-known luxury brands have even teamed up with Kazuha to promote their products. Currently, the Fendi brand appears to be collaborating with Kazuha.

Kazuha through his personal Instagram account recently shared a portrait to show off the new Fendi collection. She looked beautiful and elegant in a pink dress.

Kazuha's long hair that she was loose gave an elegant impression. Kazuha also looks glamorous with a small bag and jewelry that she wears.

Dispatch Style then revealed details of the dress worn by Kazuha. The dress is the Fendi "Pale Pink Chiffon Dress".

The dress is estimated to be priced at 3.39 million won. If converted, it will be worth Rs 36.7 crore.

The interesting thing is that the dress that the idol born in 2003 wore turned out to be much more polite. In the original version, the dress has a low V-shaped bust.

The dress worn by Kazuha was made much more closed by adding a white tank top as the interior. This gave a more innocent impression than the dress and suited Kazuha's age, that she was not even 20 years old.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM is confirmed to be making a comeback in mid-October. This is LE SSERAFIM's first comeback after officially debuting on May 2. This will also be the first comeback with 5 members after Kim Garam officially left.

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