One Piece Chapter 1058 Spoiler: Buggy Is Not The Crusader Guild Leader


 One Piece comic fans are becoming more and more curious about the story of his journey continuing again. And now chapter 1058 which was released on Friday (8/26/2022) has entered.

In chapter 1057 it was said that Oda Sensei officially closed the Wano Country arc. Momonosuke, Kinemon and Yamato bid farewell to Luffy and the Straw Hat crew.

And Momo had asked Luffy to stay, but his wish was rejected. But Luffy gave the group's flag to him and asked them to settle in the Wano area.

So what happened in chapter 1058? The following is a spoiler for One Piece 1058 with the title A New Empror.

Dont fight

Reported in this chapter presents a quiet story. There are no battles or epic moments that appear throughout the chapter. Even so, there are some important moments such as the emergence of new news regarding the value of the game.

new numbers

The value of the game was also mentioned to various Straw Hat crews, after learning of Luffy's most recent value. Roronoa Zoro's ultimate bounty is known to be 1,101,000,000 Belly.

For Jinbe that's 1,100,000,000 Belly, a million adrift. While Sanji is at 1,032,000,000 Belly. Meanwhile, Nico Robin experienced a bounty increase of 939,000,000 Belly.

And Chopper is still at the bottom with a 1000 Belly bounty. In addition to the generosity of the Straw Hat crew, he is also known by the former Shichibukai.

He is not the leader of the Cross Guild organization

Dracule Mihawk's latest bounty is 3,590,000,000 Belly. And for Buggy it is 3,189,000,000 Belly, and for Crocodile it is 1,965,000,000 Belly.

Another important piece of information was that Buggy was not the leader of the Cross Guild organization. This could be due to the fault of the navy, who saw the Buggy sign in the middle. It turns out that the Cross Guild is an organization formed by Crocodile.

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