San Marino Moto3 Results: Foggia Wins, Mario Aji Takes To The Medical Room


 Dennis Foggia won Moto3 San Marino 2022 after defeating Jaume Masia in a fierce duel at the Misano Circuit, Sunday (4/9).

Meanwhile, Indonesian racer Mario Aji failed to finish after an accident. Even Mario Aji had to be taken to the medical room for treatment.

"Moto3 racer number 64, Mario Aji, was taken to the medical center due to a back injury. The rider is conscious," wrote the MotoGP via Twitter.

This is the second time Mario Aji has failed to finish in Moto3 2022 after the first happened at the Catalunya GP.

Meanwhile Foggia for the third time in a row won at the Misano Circuit. Last season the Italian racer won twice at Misano in the Moto3 San Marino and Moto3 Emilia Romagna races.

Bad luck experienced by the leader of the standings Sergio Garcia who was hit by a black flag because of a dangerous maneuver. As a result, Garcia failed to finish and had to go straight back to the team's garage.

Garcia's failure to finish, plus Izan Guevara's third finish, made the top of the Moto3 2022 standings change. Guevara currently leads with 204 points, ahead of Garcia who has 193 points.

Moto3 San Marino 2022 results:

1. D. FOGGIA 39 minutes 21.864 seconds

2. J. MASIA +0.289

3. I. GUEVARA +0.334

4. D.ONCU +0.453

5. D.HOLGADO +4.955

6. T. SUZUKI +5.926

7. D. MOREIRA +11.002

8. I. ORTOLA +11.188

9. J. MCPHEE +11.383

10. S. NEPA +11.494

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