The position of the glasses is the key, V BTS & BLACKPINK's Jennie promised Lovegram in the elevator?


 Each is going strong as V BTS and Jennie BLACKPINK allegedly deliberately show very similar details in this photo of him taking a Lovestagram on Instagram.

A new upload from V BTS's personal Instagram account has certainly caught our attention, and V has been known to share some of the moments he captured in New York, USA.

Unfortunately, the moment V shared in New York is said to have heightened suspicions of him having a romantic relationship with Jenny. V and Jenny are seen openly doing lovestagram on their respective Instagrams.

In one of his portraits, V and Jenny are also seen as showing too much detail. Both have kind of agreed to share a portrait on their respective Instagrams.

His one of new portraits of V and Jennie shows the moment they both took a mirror selfie of her in an elevator. Of course, considering how many idols like taking selfies in elevators, this could just be a coincidence.

But the mirror selfie isn't the only detail in V and Jennie's portrait. The two famous idols showed the same details in new portraits taken in the elevator.

V and Jenny in their respective portraits appear to be wearing sunglasses in their pants.This is judged to be a unique detail and rarely done by many.In addition, if the mirror selfie is in the same place , both show these details.

Meanwhile, the fans themselves are still busy speculating and looking for evidence related to V and Jennie having sex. Because there is

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